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  1. Hello 🙂 I`m printing with a 0.4mm Nozzle on my Orca with DD Extruder. i``m using 0.2mm layer width for Support line width this way it is still stable enough to support the print but it is much easier to remove. For sure 0,2mm layer widh does not stick very well to the baselayer of the printer. Is there any reason why Support is not part of the Initial layer width ? Would be great if this would also be added to the initial layer. Kri
  2. Thx, that was the issue 🙂 Another thing, is the software really so slown ? every click takes very long ? 4.3 was faster on my machine. Chri
  3. Hello guy`s It was time to reinstall my laptop (Win10) to have a fresh start as this is sometimes a good thing. However Cura 4.5 is driving my crazy (i come from 4.3. before which was working fine) When i set up my Orca as "Custom" Printer, is just get no Filament profiles listet. The Favorits and Generic list ist just empty, when i hit the create button nothing does happen. When i add a different preset Printer like Ultimaker2 or Anet A8 and activate it, there are material profiles, but when i switch back to my "custom" printer, all Material profiles do dissapear Also when i try to import a profile which i had created unter the Anet A8 Printer it does not show up. What am i doing wrong ? is it a bug ? at least this is not intuitive.... Chri
  4. Hy, Sanders, i like the new UI, expecially the dark mode and loading times are great 😄 i have some suggestions * Is it possible to add antialiasing to the Preview mode ?, it has lots of miroe effect maybe adding some "glossy" effect to the lines will help the visualisation to look better (you may check craftware 😉 ) * Is it possible to implement a function to change the colors of the directly at the "color scheme" feature. the default colore are not very good in my eyes, i instantely wanted to click on the colored checkboxes next to the line name to change the color there 😉 * is it possible to implement also a "per line" slider, not only a per layer ? with the Per line slider also a field of showing some of the gcodes lines would be great (you may again check craftware;) ) * loading older cura (or different slicer) gcode does not support the layerbar, the bar does only show "1" layer. sincerely Chri
  5. I just noticed that the Ultimaker 2 go is not present at the "products" page anymore. Anyone does know why this is ?, do they plan a new version or was the product not well sold ? Chri
  6. Best ist to also delete the three spam users who are at the activity list Chri
  7. Also got spam at one of my things : see here. I´m not against islam or political active but This user seems to be only spam related, comment does not have anything to to with 3D Printing and/or is related to the part. Please cleanup Chri
  8. Thank you,with machine instead of material it is working (or better said not working anymore ) Chri
  9. Hy Ghostkeeper, i`m printing on my orca, and using my own start and end gcodes, which do not have the M104 command within. Chri
  10. Thread can be closed, i got a wheel Thx again, @Nicolinux Chri
  11. I got mine also some time ago and was able to test them yesterday, they work pretty well. Even when only used for X and Y, so i have two spare for one of my other printers as well Probably UM should add them to their store for upgrading all their UM`s one to three sincerly Chri
  12. @ Neotko , great "soundtrack of that video I found two different versions of the TL-Smoother, one with 4 diodes and one with 8 smaller diodes, any recommendation what is better ? Chri
  13. Please be aware that the Ultimaker knurled wheel probably isn't the best solution for 1.75mm Filament! Hy @cjs, can you explain a little bit more in detail why ? Chri
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