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  1. I tried putting that py file into the directory you stated and overwriting the one that was in there. There was no difference. Do you have any other suggestions? If not I guess ill be trying to find older version of Cura. I think i was using 15.4, if memory serves correctly.
  2. Ahoeben, I am using a custom 2ft x 4ft prusa printer I built. I will try you fix and post back. THANKS!
  3. I have just downloaded and installed the new version of Cura on a freshly formated PC. I have a issue when my PLA is retracted it just gets stuck, so I turn retraction off. However, it is still retracting over half a circle of my wades extruder at least once every layer, unless its a very very small part. None of the retraction settings are checked within the >preferences>settings. The only thing i can think of doing to get around it is to enable retraction and set minimal distance before retraction to a very large number and retraction material amount to a very very low number so i
  4. So it looks like their may have been a small piece of metal in the tip. So small, however, it would have most defiantly passed with the 1.2mm tip. It was most likely a bur on the side that had not become dislodged yet. After removing the metal piece it would still stop feeding. I then took apart the wade extruder to find that the two bearings that were on the hobbed bolt were no good. One would catch a little every revolution and one was frozen up completely. Ironically i had just gotten a wades extruder hardware kit in the mail yesterday. I will let you know if replacing the bearings so
  5. Nannou, did you ever solve this? I have the same exact problem. It will print but about 20% of the time when it retracts it wont go back down and the feed stops. There is about 2 to 3mm of a gap when i press it back down. I have not torched the nozzle yet as, i figured having a 1.2mm nozzle size would decrease the chances of debris getting stuck. I did take it apart and look at the nozzle and only saw a small amount of PLA left. I will torch it when i get back from work and let you know if i find anything.
  6. yes, i just looked at my version and its on 14.09. But it says theres a new version to download today, when i just tried it yesterday. I doubt it went from 14.09 to 15.... but i will try it, thanks for the info!
  7. I had a problem where when printing a test cube the corners would get extra material and make the corners rounded. I searched the net and found that by lowering the speed of the outershell this fixed the issue. However, I still have extra material coming out from where it makes the z move up to the next layer. I cannot find anything on the net to remedy this. I hit "check for update" and it says I have the most current version. I have tried different settings on retraction in basic and expert mode, nothing helps. Has anyone experienced this. I have a Prusa i3 running merlin, tuned in.
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