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  1. You are right about the being able to compare but I have unfortunately gotten my maker bot replicator 2 to go so fast on Architectural models ( Buildings, Facades, Sculptures). I brought 2 of the UM2's into the studio and have not gotten them to be able to print fast enough to kick out the makerbots rep 2's. I will try with a .2mm layer height. When I go into the direction of layer height I get really sparse printing layers. Sometimes it seems perforated. I am in the US and need to pick up some nozzles with different diameter. I should make a decision by the end of the day. I really am in need of spunking up my machines to go faster. If you could share with me your advanced setting for the .2mm layer height and the type of material that you use I would be so great full. The Olsson Block looks pretty lovely. Do you have any insight as to why Ultimaker 2 prints with 3mm filament? If you have any influence on this I could use help. If Cura had hexagon infill patterns it would be heaven. Thanks again.
  2. http://www.filastruder.com/.../e3d-spare-nozzle-v6 Is this place still a good place to get 3mm nozzles for Ultimaker 2?
  3. .15 mm is a slow print? I really wish that someone would have told me that in the beginning. my makerbot rep 2 can rip guts at this layer height ( .15 mm) So I am just shocked. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it. Do you think you can guide me to the forum where people are using larger diameter nozzles. .65 mm and .8 sound pretty rad. Do you already have a setting sheet that I can borrow? Thank you so much.
  4. I have no real clear way of getting quick prints out of my machine that is has a resolution of .15 mm
  5. Owner of 4 Makerbots (cupcake, Replicator 2, Replicator 2x) and 3 Ultimaker 2's I think I must give the makerware software a fair chance at this battle. I honestly really like makerware because 1. The infill pattern are hexigons which because of the angle, helps to reduce the inertia. It is incredibly quick. 2. Usb printing is still an option if you choose. 3. Printing at 250mm/s is no problem 4. Background service allows the recording of prints to be easy 5. Log files for prints are produced with the time and material used. (found conveniently on the computers C drive) Hate it because 1. Gcode only works on makerbot.
  6. I thought that might have been the case so I made sure to check it but it seems to be in there all the way. I just double checked. It goes in about 4.5 mm, if you measure from the little mark that the clamping down makes. I just got two of these machine to replace a dead makerbot replicator 2 but these two new ones wont get up to par just yet. Sadly I have one makerbot rep 2 and one ulti one making all the prints and two new ultimaker 2's that are sitting. the nozzles are pretty clean and steams of filament seem to come out fine at lower speeds. I don't think I can go too high without carbonizing the filament.
  7. Hello printer peeps, I have an issue with this sparse printing. I tried to set up my settings to match gamerfanatic's settings but my prints cant even get to 4 mm 3/s. I am using pla at 230 c. [/media][/media] The directions say to open the gcode then save it to sd card. Cura will let me open the premade gcode but not save it. I could really use some help with this as i have two of these machines and just a bunch of spaghetti. Thank you very much for your time.
  8. Hi all, I was wondering how others were going about 3D printing as a service. How does one charge for a print? Do people do that manually? I am trying to create a desktop billing application for the Ultimaker 2 that works with the cura software. I am not sure if cura produces a file with material use and estimated time. I would the application to gather that data from cura and produce a xls file. I am not too sure how this will look yet but does anyone have experience blending their own version of cura? I could really use the help Cheers
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