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  1. Hi all, I printed this overhang test in gizmo dorks nylon, didn't turn out great. Any suggestions? Thanks Current settings: flow: 113% Temp: 242c Build plate temp: 64c Infill: 20% Print speed: 40 mm/s Travel Speed: 150 mm/s Cooling fan: off Supports: off
  2. This is very annoying. I just wasted 30m of filament because of this feature. Is there an update to fix this problem? or anyone found out a way to turn it off?
  3. Hello all, I just bought some Gizmo dorks pla filament. It was a 1kg roll for 24 bucks shipped. So cheap! It works great too. Just thought i'd share that incase you didn't know about this place to buy the filament. Kyle
  4. Alright thank you very much. I saw that the ultimaker 2 has more fans that the original+. Is having more fans better? Thanks, Kyle
  5. How old is it, and is there anything wrong at all with it?
  6. Hi guys, this is my first post. Im in the united states. My question is what are the differences between the UM2 and the UM original+. From what I'm finding they are very similar. Im going to buy one of them just am having trouble deciding which one. Thanks
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