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  1. I found keeping the little black stretch wire that it comes with on works well. if you just like fold part of it back so it doesnt have a chance of getting stuck during your print that should help
  2. Does anyone know if the glass is tempered? I have the ultimaker 2 ext and we are about to replace our glass bed but i was wondering if it was tempered?
  3. Im trying to print some smaller parts for a prototype at work but when it gets to the top of the part the last layers keep melting and the extruder just makes a puddle and moves it around without laying down a layer. Its really hard to explain but if you look at the pictures you will see. I'll try to take a photo while its doing it as well. I normally wouldnt care but when it melts its making the part thicker on top which i need to go into another hole and it throws it all off. any help would be appreciated thanks!
  4. HAHA yea.. found out about the gluestick taking up pieces of glass the hard way, but thank god i work in a glass production company haha. I found out using the brim, and adding a little heat to the buildplate helps, not all models warp as bad as others but thats just something that comes with 3D printing, NOTHING is the same. I have it all worked out now but thank you for replying!
  5. Just make sure under G-code its the right machine and not makerbot.
  6. Not Quite, Its supposed to have a few changed characteristics so it will adhere to the print bed a little easier
  7. hmm thats weird cause i use simplify and have an ultimaker 2 as well
  8. Ive been using PLA for the most part of printing, but now i need a slightly stronger part and Im trying to use this Neon Green UPET or CPE as they call it on the ultimaker website, but about a quarter into the print one side starts warping uncontrollably and the print gets disoriented. Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Im printing at 240 C at 45mm/sec with my printbead at 60c.
  9. what printer are you using? theres a setting for gcode type
  10. Okay so Im trying to make a nozzle part for work and PLA isnt quite strong enough so Im using UPET or CPE as its known now, Its the Ultimaker brand that came with my ultimaker 2 ext. I havent really been having problems but lately the parts start out great and when I come back into the office I see that one side has warped ridiculously and now is completely off the buildplate? Any suggestions as to why this keeps happening? You can see in the picture about halfway through where the material started warping..
  11. I will increase the infill percentage and I have 6 layers on the top, so the outside is pretty. but the first layers are the ones that are bothering me. look at the first pictures, some lines are incomplete also if u look closer at that infill 'grid', there are dots and empty spaces, its not making complete lines. check this one I'm printing right now. (same configs just other color of PLA/PHA) Have you tried lowering retraction amount in the settings? for some time while trying to print pla my ultimaker 2 would mess up while retracting too much ending up with underextrusion. Make sure the settings are in default for retraction both on the machine and in cura
  12. Try increasing your infill percentage, I like to use above 30, also try slowing down the infill speed I would go anywhere lower then 45% i personally use about 30% speed when printing infill and outer layers. Also if the last picture is your external layer, try adding more layers to the outer side, about 4 or 5. That should help make the outside a lot more "pretty"
  13. Yea it was a prototype at work and we test tomorrow but we're hoping for good results!
  14. Yea believe me they didnt always come out that pretty, What software are you using? once I went to Simplify 3D I was able to get much better tinkering power.
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