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  1. May I ask, what type of pancake NEMA17 that is? ebay/aliexpress etc didn't show results...
  2. thanks for the detail-pics! <3 how do you guide the belt? I see no flanges...
  3. No resistors needed, as long as you don't put all 10 caps parallel to the fan Worst that could happen at this point: board resets/freezes cause of the voltage-drop. If you add caps, take the highest frequency possible. Rule of thumb is like "keep it above 100Hz". May I get a detail-shot of the mounting from one off your 2 Y-carriages? I'm not happy with my design to mount my linear rail, so maybe i can get a tipp from you?
  4. Föhnsturm, if you want to "pwm" the fan, here is my advise: Just buy a pack of 10 Capacitors, each 10µF and start with one parallel to the fan. If it doesn't start at your desired Voltage, add another Cap parallel again. Rince and repeat till you are happy ;)Cost: less then 5€ with shipping, e.g. something like that: http://goo.gl/KrbvQ4 (ebay.de as I assume you are german as I am). I also don't know if your firmware is capable of PDM instead of PWM, PDM is a better signal for cleaning voltage out with capacitors and is just superior than PWM. Also, I can recommend you this fan: Lüfter,
  5. Hello! I am a long time lurker on this thread and I am excited of the whole idea to change the hotends with magnetic holders! <3 I appreciate your work so much, that I want to share my knowledge on magnets with you and I only registered here in this forum because of this thread. So, the knowledge I want to share: First: You are absolutely right to use types of magnets, which withstand higher ambient temperature! I did measurements at another project of mine at the hotend-assembly after long prints and my hotend-carriage gets heated to around 65°C only from passive heating through the he
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