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    not the best paint job; still a WIP.
  2. i live in houston, and the only shop i know of where i can buy 3mm filament is at microcenter. they sell two brands, Alepha objects filament and Velleman filament. does any one have any experience with these filaments to recommend them (im looking for PLA), because they are a little cheaper than other places at 27 per kg. also if you know of any other shops i could buy from because sometimes shipping can take too long.
  3. when trying to pump out consecutive prints from my printer, i dont have time to wait for the build plate to cool down to get the print off. what is a quick way to cool down the glass plate and remove the print? is there a highly thermally conductive sheet of something i could put in contact with the glass to take away the heat? i have found that running water over the bottom of the glass cools it quick, but wont this damage the glass?
  4. i tried this out, and its capabilities are garbage compared to the mattercontrol one. lines and extrusions are drawn from nowhere; and the height map i cant see ever being useful for any functional print. know of anything else?
  5. i have seen the mattercontrol image converter and would love to be able to buy it, but i dont have the money. what are alternative image converter softwares that are free but on par with matter control to make easy stl's. thanks
  6. i noticed this morning that the bundle of cables that run parallel to the bowden tube has come lose and it looks like some wires have disconnected. as you can see the brown wire isnt plugging into anything. where does it need to go and is it an easy fix for a novice like me? also what can i do to reattach the meshing to the print head area and maybe reinforce it.
  7. I put my un spooled roll of faberdashery on the floor and put on a print. But the print failed I think because the filament got tangled with its self and stopped the feeder. What is the best way to use the faberdashery unspooled filament to prevent tangles. I have also had troubles with this filament being grinded down and getting stuck In the feeder. It could be related, Idk. Thanks
  8. I am still new to printing and haven't worked out all of the quirks. I have 3 rolls of filament all ultimaker brand pla from fbrc8. my grey filament works perfectly never having any print failing issues. However my white and green pla give me hell. On nearly every print this happens where after the first couple layers it stops extruding and a lump of filament forms over the nozzle but the print head keeps on moving. I dont change settings between the filaments; always printing at 0.05 layer height and 60 mm/s speed. After this happens I always use the atomic method the clean out the nozzle for the same thing to happen next print. Is there such a thing as bad filament that would cause this consistantly and if so should I return them and buy another more consistant brand.(if so what)
  9. I have some pretty hefty scissors that I use to cut my filament, but even still they are nearly uncabale to break the equally hefty 2.85mm filament. I want to know what other people use and what works best ( be it a butcher's knife, garlic press or your bare teeth)
  10. the extruder isnt the problem. i did the test you explained and the filament melted fine. the problem has to be in the feeder motor on the back as is seen in my last post. i need to know if there is a tweak on the feeder i can do to stop this grinding. (the 2 white things are at the top. i dont know what they do or if this is a problem)
  11. the situation is a little worse than just that. the filament was completely ground down in the feeder. i had to disconnect both ends of the bowden tube and pull the filament out with pliers while using 'move filament' to help. this is what the filament looks like; [/media]. i have done 3 prints and now 2 of them ended like this. there anything i can do to fix this? is it the retraction? is the feeder too tight? note; 1 print did work but the print i put on after did not.
  12. I just got my ultimaker 2 literally 10 minutes ago. The setup went good and initially the filament loaded good. But the filament got to the hot end and stopped loading. I tried a print and nothing came out but the loader on the back was spinning. I tried through the settings to extruded and retract and the filament didn't budge. Now the filament is stuck and no way to get out. I have read the forums and understand the filament loader has its issues. Please help a noobie out. First post
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