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  1. One of my used UM2 printers came with a printed fan shroud, for the cooling fans. Not that impressed :( what is the number one best shroud you have found? There are so many to choose from :( I did find a post on here, but just can’t finf it or remember the name. I welcome your response David
  2. Cant afford to buy 10 Bond Techs, so what is the next best option? Ive been looking at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2289203 Also been looking at doing a Gregs wade I welcome any assistance? Im using the qty10 UM2 originals, with the iRoberti feeder. I want to get better results with retraction and to speed my prints up.. Max Im getting is 50mm/s Please don't keep pushing me on the Bond techs, just cant afford them, So DIY is the only affordable option Thanks for any assistance. really appreciate any help, as will have some down time next , so want to get all the bits ready. David.
  3. Agreed with all the comments on here.. just wish there was a cheaper option.. as I said my UM originals, provided much better consistent printing.. I’ve tried the Iroberti, which has helped.. the bulldog club might be an option.. I tend to print at 60mm/s. What speed you Bond tech guys getting?
  4. Will look at the Bond Tech, but again this is going to cost me big time (10 UM2) :( I was also looking at the Bulldog XL, but can't find many reviews... Seems to be using same gearbox and nema as the Bond Tech, but obviously not the same gears.. This is half the price for me. Thoughts
  5. I own 10, I have used the context of “one” to keep things simple. Yes I have 10 UM2 , which have never performed brilliantly :( To be honest I think my original Ultimakers printed much better, and more consistently. Was this due to it having a heater extruder? I’m gutted that Ultimaker have hi lighted the extrusion issues, and now it’s going to cost me big time to sort out. So my question still stands, can I replace just the feeder part with the new um2+ geared and adjust the steps, or do I need to replace the motor as well. (I’m happy to make this plural if needed)
  6. @bondtech now has an upgrade for um2+ feeders and um3 that reuses the motor and has a shape more UM in black. Looks very interesting and should work great (also you save some bucks) About the motor maybe they can share the specs since I don’t know on what box I have mine I see you made a geared extruder on Thingiverse, I assume the BindTech performs better?
  7. 10 bond techs is going to cost me :( So if I have a basic original UM2, I can’t just upgrade the feeder mechanism, without replacing the motor?
  8. Can anybody confirm EXACTLY the model number of the motor used in there Bond Tech? Please I assume that these motors have a smaller angle compared to the original um2? Also if you went the um2+ , would you need to swap out the motor?
  9. do you mean the UM2 original feeder? or the upgraded?
  10. Thanks, think I will order a few of these... what do you think about sponsorship
  11. Ah sorry missed that How did it impove ? did you go direct drive or Bowden
  12. Probably done to death this but which one. Not that impressed with the original feeder on the UM2, but like the easy feeding option Im using the iRobert mod at the moment, but noticed many others. I welcome experience, before I upgrade. I'm really looking for easy loading, non slip, and high print qulity.. I have a suite of 10 UM2, so cost is crucial, but I can be flexible http://uk-3d.com So was looking at the Flex3drive This option2 option3 Also the other option the UM2 upgrade I welcome ANY help assistance David
  13. Hi what voltage and size are the two fans on a UM2 printer head? Mine are so noisey.
  14. Thanks, tried 100, the brim just curls up :(
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