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  1. I installed the Bondtech last week on my Ultimaker 2 extended and it is perfection! I also have a Ultimaker 2+ and am actually in the process of ordering a Bondtech for that as well. I only use XT for my prints and have not been able to tune my UM2+ to give me the quality I need: 0,25 nozzle, 0,04 layer height. The Bondtech just worked directly out of the box on my UM2 extended (after the recomended firmaware upgrade). I measured the feeding of the UM2+ and got strange results since it retracted 1mm more then it fed?!? I extruded 100mm and retracted 100mm and it gave me this strange result c
  2. Thank you for this. I had my Ultimaker 2 perfectly calibrated for XT. So hopefully my 2+ will now be equally as good (I hope better!).
  3. Thank you all, Yes you are totally right if you need it buy it. So what I did was actually to get an Ultimaker 2, since my local reseller had a great deal: 20% off and free Olsson block. So now I am a happy owner of two great machines! Since I run exclusively on XT transparent and my UM2 Extended works perfectly I am very happy with this choice. Of course I am going to have to get the Isolator and bowden tube that 3dsolex provides. But I really feel like I earned some money here. If there comes out a new machine that makes me drool I will buy that as well. But for now I am very happy inde
  4. I was actually thinking of buying a new Ultimaker 2+ this month (I already have a Ultimaker 2 extended). But as so many has said it seems to be a bad idea with these rumors of a new machine floating around.
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