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  1. Major print head clog

    Dont do that. First call reseller. Cleaning it yourself might or not break warranty. Much discussed about that https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/21574-super-clogged-extruders/ here UM doesn’t like that user fiddle with the hardware like on previous machines. So, call reseller first.
  2. Latest Cura 3.2.1 + BCN3D Sigmax

    Bcn3d Cura 2.0 alpha uses 3.2.1 and this week they will release the beta with a few bugs fixed and a extra feature to copy settings from extruder 1/2 to the other extruder so there’s no need to do it one by one https://github.com/BCN3D/Cura/releases I would wait for the new beta this week (probably tomorrow) for smallupdates check their Facebook group or twitter
  3. Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    Using a 0.4 nozzle with 0.1 setting. For the final production used 0.15 for speed 2. No, auto setting is the most useless setting of s3d. Choose correct nozzle size and change nozzle extrusion width to 0.1 or as needed 3. Extactly that
  4. Zits and Banding

    Cr10 PID is know to not be accurate https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/creality-cr-10/forums/general/topic:17593 https://matterhackers.dozuki.com/Guide/PID+Tuning/6 PID is a controlled temperature algorithm so the heat stays as stable as possible. When heat changes or fluctuates the print literally goes up/down microns making a small Z banding. Ofc on open machines like the cr10 that’s normal since heat has everywhere to escape, but tunning PID should help. Ofc mind that since is a very open machine winter/summer room differences will affect
  5. UM2 PTFE fit in stainless steel part

    A point in between. If goes tootight it will deform when tightening the steel to the heater block (avoid using the spring and print an fixed height spacer). If it leaks remember that cleaning the steel coupler threads is very important or the burn material won’t allow the ptfe to contact the hotend making a gap that will add tons of blops, burn particles or even a big leak
  6. Cura fonts garbled on MacOS High Sierra

    For me changing to the default fonts didn't fix it, but changing to Arial font did This with the theme.json that uses default And this one with Arial as font al clear and sweet
  7. Super Clogged Extruders

    Oh it can happen on many printers. I think the big issue is that the cores can break on the process. But when this happens on a um2/umo/e3d the replacement parts are cheaper an there’s a whole library of manuals of how to do that. On the um3 there’s no parts, but full cartridges/cores Its a know issue of fdm. Part unsticks and sticks to the nozzle um2 examples https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/15266-ultimaker-2-fossilised-hotend/ https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/15266-ultimaker-2-fossilised-hotend/ The other problem on the um3 is that if can break the electronics inside the printhead the parta to replace in $ do skyrocket. But for other printers changing a heater, pt100, thermistor, 5v fan, fancap fans. That parts while ain’t plug/play separated are cheaper.
  8. Super Clogged Extruders

    Indeed Cthulhu! That’s how I nickname the printheads flooded XD Specially since this one https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/13267-umo-strange-issue/
  9. Super Clogged Extruders

    I think (and I know you ulticult members will think this is me being negative and blaaablabla) the other 10% could have been mitigated also by properly communicating that most of the first um3 printers had a really bad glass (within the um specs of a 0.3 total up/down warp) that can’t be fixed totally by the automagic level. Also. About prints detachment. I have a 1/1000 times that happens. I only use hairspray for complex materials but that’s life (I never nor will ever use the glue stick). Also ofc shit happens. But also, with zero communication from um to the customers about how to confront the printer low points, this is bound to happen (And I mean on the manual). As for Warranty I highly doubt this wouldn’t be covered by EU law but ofc USA warranty is 1 year. Specially since UM3 has a ISO to be left unattended right? I wonder if that iso test was done under what conditions but well, stuff happens. Also um3 has a good camera (with the resolution lower down by software to keep up the frame rate speed). It should be fairly easy to place an alarm detector to check every 5 minutes if a, for example a Barcode that if, when doing the switch for example, gets unreadable, it just sends a photo of the printer and sends that photo by email to the user. After all it’s been more than a year since release, and the board has plenty of unnused CPU. So? Anyway, just easy ideas that come to my mind now. Now going back to the topic. Doesn’t the um3 has a temperature monitor on the front area? Could that be just be save-log to debug if the issue of parts making a chulhu out of the printhead cores. Because maybe even with a perfect bottom layer if the printer is left overnight and the temperature drops suddenly (room temperure heating going off in winter) maybe this issues could be easily debugged for the customer and reseller know what’s the issue & properly inform the customer of how to keep the ambient room to get the best out of their printers.
  10. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    Here I wrote the how to
  11. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    Oh wait I see. Maybe the changed something on new firmwares (I don’t have a um3 anymore since well, long history) you should be able to move to Griffin and there should be a sendgcode.py the. You can do python sendgcode (or something like that? To run the python, then ince inside sendgcode program you just send gcode directly to the marlin like a pronterface
  12. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    Why the dot? sendgcode G28 Z0
  13. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    Try to send other gcodes like G28 Z0 to home Z if the E moves doesn’t do anything is probably because it has a minimum temperature protection. If um3 marlin allows it you should be able to send a M302 to allow Extruder movement when the tools are below 170C
  14. UM3, moving filament by a fixed value

    You need to enable dev mode and access the machine using ssh root@yourprinterIP and the password is ultimaker then using sendgcode you can send the gcode you want like “sendgcode G1 E10 F300” (where E is 10mm and F300 is the speed Ofc the hard part is to change the esteps of the um3 since editing the json file can very easily Brick the printer if one comma or dot is misplaced
  15. The gcode ends abruptly Was send by wifi, or saved on usb? Because maybe the usb wasn't properly ejected. Clearly or Cura failed to write all the file or the file saving process was cut before the ended

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