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  1. neotko


    Personally since they have show zero improvement on this last 3 years nor spooled their colors this wouldn’t surprise me, specially With the prices of colorfabb now that offers custom RAL colors you can have 2 kilos perfectly spooled of almost any color. I did stop getting faber years ago and moved to cheaper and more production reliable offers from fillamentum, eumakers and colorfabb for my shop needs.
  2. neotko

    Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

    WTF!??? OMG T_T!!!!! So so very sad 😞
  3. neotko

    Consistent Feeder Grinding Issues

    I don’t agree with this assessment. Just mainly because the acceleration/jerk it’s set very low on the um3. Even changing the speed to 100mm/s for a foot print that small would force a real speed way lower since the print has many curves on the outside. Ofc the infill will look bad, but even so, the print area it’s too small to reach the set speed because the acceleration/jerk cura settings. I would try to increase a bit the feeder, so it slips less and causes less grinding (too little feeder tension for the um knurled bolts is as bad as too much). Also, try to print something with the default profiles to see if keeps failing or works, that will give the moderators and others a base point to compare.
  4. The other value making micro errors could be how much the tooths cave in the filament (depends from filament to filament) changing the actual dia/rotation
  5. neotko

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    There’s a way, but I haven’t fully tested it yet. But it would involve a lot of processes. I’m waiting for the new e3d super-non-stick nozzles since it involves sanding and reprinting a half size height last layer. Anyhow my main focus right now is to remove the print lines from the bottom layer, but for that I’m getting mixed results atm. Also, very little time lately!
  6. neotko

    It is here, the new Ultimaker S5!

    The actual difference is even bigger since they left room for the switch mechanism to not occupy print area
  7. Main issue from UM3 is that the firmware must be signed by UM (like apple firmware). Ofc this can be circumvent as posted here. The problem anyhow is that is way too complex for a printer to do that, and there’s a Huge (and by pms from 3 um3 users, and my experience when I had one, is way too easy to brick the um3 by just writing a bad comma or dot). Check Oliver instructions to upload an unsigned firmware http://www.3dprintingforum.us/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=12&start=930#p9062
  8. neotko

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    On a more on topic stuff
  9. neotko

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    I don’t see why you enjoy pointing out others ‘truths’. Hes just giving his opinion about how he thinks is best. On the other side, Cura Indeed should be the one to mark the safe areas to make a pause. Maybe a plug-in that adds an scape point area on each layer, so if you pause the printer waits until the perfect spot is on, minimizing the possible visible errors. Anyhow without a purge, prime, clean area, is very hard to get a perfect resume. For dual it could be the prime tower, but for single unless is done perfectly on a X spot (Cura could mark the spot for each layer optimal pause/resume) it’s hard to avoid visible issues. So, imo, machine + slicer
  10. Indeed isnt plug & play and would need more work. But learning gcode isnt much complex but indeed if you are use to um2 menus... Anyhow to adjust the firmware to ‘change filament’ you will need to edit Marlin firmware and rebuild it to adjust the bowden length, but on duet3d you can write a Macro (gcode file) to do the same. One thing for sure. Learning how to rebuild and edit Marlin tinkergnome to adjust the heat sensors, fans, hotend temperatures etc, will be Much more complex than learning how to edit gcode text files (duet3d uses all the important configuration with gcode text files instead of the Marlin needs to rebuild the firmware for critical stuff)
  11. You should seriously think on using a duet3D. Can use high amp nemas, allows mirror, duplication, has a forum for users, extensive documentation and uses a updated firmware (um2 firmware only has updates thanks to the personal work of tinkergnome). Also, way cheaper than a 300€ um2 board
  12. neotko

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Minus bed clips, prime tower, switch mechanism...
  13. Activate Print islands without optimization. Cut the processes in two at the height it has problems and activate that setting. It will take longer but should work. Or get a better fancap, that always helps too.
  14. Mines are old, the one of the photo is ‘new’ in theory allows for tmc drivers.

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