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  1. The heatsink you use is the same sold on AliExpress for um3 ?
  2. Most probably, specially because umo+/um2 use square flanged bearings and the aluminum has holes where we screw to to distribute the tension. But nothing too hard to adapt for yours
  3. I have 2 new versions that work better than his old design. We developed a holder behind the bed (like skis) that keep the weight distribution better. Gudo also on his last version of the gudoXYCore made a new bed stabilizer that mixed my skis design with a compensation system. I will dig into his step files and try to come with a version to publish.
  4. neotko

    CC Print core Red 0.6mm

    Is that new? Never seen that indeed on the um3 I had or on the um2plua feeders
  5. neotko

    CC Print core Red 0.6mm

    Indeed and I would agree on that except: a) You propose a full replacement solution (ergo doesn’t matter if you break the old one) b) Isn’t that difficult (specially because um3 feeder doesn’t have filament sensor) & there’s a nice step by step guide here https://support.3dverkstan.se/article/64-disassembly-of-the-ultimaker-2-plus-feeder
  6. neotko

    CC Print core Red 0.6mm

    You can always try other shops... Anyway I doubt you couldn’t buy just this parts to an official reseller...?
  7. neotko

    CC Print core Red 0.6mm

    Correct me if I’m wrong but afaik UM since the um3 doesn’t sell small parta in general, but if you ask your UM friends for the correct part number you might be lucky. Ofc you could buy a new feeder for an affordable 95€ (motor-less?) http://ultimaker.utopica3d.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=625
  8. neotko

    Another take on ringing

    If I get your idea, basically you want the slicer to do motion dampening acceleration by already assuming the ranges on which the printer works? Something like this? Ofc the slicer should take into consideration the motion of tge board an compensate accordingly? Sounds like a great idea. Anyhow I see a real issue of the base of how the very old motion planner executes the extrusion. For perimeters (and 90%) of the thingiverses should indeed work. The slicer should then add an AI layer to distinguish between the big outside areas and the small details, to avoid getting under/over extrusion due extruder planner. Also, old atmegas would suffer BIG time from continuous changes on speeds to mimic a motion dampening.
  9. neotko

    Problems when printing vertical holes

    In my experience that effect always shows specially when the X/Y are out of square https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles
  10. neotko

    UMO+ How to set LEDs always on?

    Set the led range and ‘save’ current settings. Your led setting will be saved and used on the next turn on
  11. neotko

    UMO+ How to set LEDs always on?

    https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20983-ultimaker-original-custom-firmware-builder Use that firmware to get full Led control thanks to @amedee
  12. Afaik, unless they released a new model on the last year, um3 model is the same he already posted, and it’s only available on 12V and 5V. UM use them in series not parallel and they work just fine. https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/632/BFB30x30x10mm-515772.pdf
  13. neotko


    Personally since they have show zero improvement on this last 3 years nor spooled their colors this wouldn’t surprise me, specially With the prices of colorfabb now that offers custom RAL colors you can have 2 kilos perfectly spooled of almost any color. I did stop getting faber years ago and moved to cheaper and more production reliable offers from fillamentum, eumakers and colorfabb for my shop needs.
  14. neotko

    Gudo - The humble man with great ideas

    WTF!??? OMG T_T!!!!! So so very sad 😞

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