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  1. I agree, the 35watt heater upgrade from 3dsolex solved all heater error issues for me. http://3dsolex.com/other-parts Also, slowing the fans down also helps, but maybe try out one of the alternative fan shroud designs on youmagine ? These can ensure air is directed to the surface and not as much over the nozzle. I use this design https://www.youmagine.com/designs/fan-mount-um2-olsson-block , its suited to the olsson block but if you don't have one fitted there are other shroud designs to try. A printed shroud helped me somewhat before I ended up installing the olssen block hope this helps
  2. Hi, I also use XT and agree with the replies about speed.I've found the optimal settings for XT seem for me to be: 242-245oC nozzle temp Bed temp of 78oC layer size .2 All speeds constant - 20-30mm/sec minimum of three shells (3x nozzle thickness) The 10mm speed is too slow, XT clear and White seem to be most affected by this leaving brown or burnt marks embedded in the print. I spent quite a while trying to get my settings correct, everything I tried at 0.1mm left a lot of burn marks, if you really need to print at 0.1 try..... 237oC nozzle temp bed temp of 78oC Layer size 0.1 all speeds at 30mm/sec it'll be slower but should help, also ensure you dont have any restrictions in your extruder path, I've also seen problems with too much tension on the spool causing an underextrusion and what look like burn makrs in the print until I changed to the iroberts V2 extruder - https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two hope this helps, XT can be quite picky to work with, have you considered NGen ?
  3. Hi all, I am printing in Colorfabb Ngen and XT as well as Ninjaflex red and translucent on an ultimaker 2 extended and have had great results with adhesion as follows: bed 'adhesive': I use co-op supermarket home brand super-hold hairspray - 90p/400ml. its cheap and easy to get hold of on a Sunday process: remove Print glass and clean with Isoprpyl alcohol spray a layer on and allow to dry for 5 mins spray a 2nd layer on and allow to dry for 5mins refit glass bed and level as normal. thats it, all done this lasts for many prints, particularly if you give a very light spray on the bed in place to keep the surface tacky after after 2nd print or so. ( a few squirts is more than enough) Also, wait until the bed is fully cooled to room temp, way past when it says print finished to have the easiest print removal. I have found this hairspray to be very sticky at 40oC + temp and prints need to be pried off the bed unless the bed is 'cold' Hope this helps
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