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  1. With pain in my heart I have decided to sell the 2+. Numerous reasons that I will not get into here, but nothing to do with the quality of this excellent printer! I have about 100 print hours on it. Original packaging. Comes with 16 rolls of ColorFabb PLA, and the original silver Ultimaker PLA. Some of the ColorFabb colors have not even been opened. Printer is located in Oregon, USA. Asking price for whole package is 2300 USD. Net to me Paypal fees, insurance and shipping on buyer. Let me know if any questions. Thanks, P
  2. sorry for a late reply....didnt have much time recently for my 3D hobby. So far i love Colorfabb...no regrets. I tried a few colors and they all worked out fine
  3. Interesting.....no reply from our Romanian friend anymore.
  4. i have no idea what happened...but after restarting and using the glue that I received with the printer things are looking better... in past few days I printed many things without the glue without any issue!
  5. haha....am sure there are. As a european I can say there are good and bad things about the USofA!
  6. So in winter, how do you get proper ventilation if the window is not open? By doing this temperature will drop.... I have lots to learn, and honestly I dont know how to avoid the above situations you mention. I have not closed the window and am trying again...
  7. I have been asking myself the same questions.... What printer? In all honesty I am not as hardcore as some others in this community that actually use the printer professionally or semi pro. I am a true rookie with a very steep learning curve. For me...printer had to provide good quality, i wanted to to be open source, and it had to look nice. I looked at a number of them, and in the end waited for CES to see what it would bring. As soon as I heard 3D systems was stopping with their consumer printers and U2+ was launched I placed the order and never looked back. So far I love it. Is it more
  8. sorry....5C was outside and window was only open maybe 7-8cm... ambient was for sure above 15C
  9. So I wanted to try an overnight print. Let it start its 14+ hour journey yesterday evening and upon waking up at 7am this morning this is what I found.... Print size: 78/45/101mm...so a bigger robot! Robot was moving around on the heated bed....it didnt stick. As you can guess I didnt use the glue.... Any idea why this happened? Could it be room temperature that caused it? We dont have heating overnight and I did leave one window a little open. Overnight outside temperature drops to 4-5C. Please advise. In mean time, I started another print. Thanks! ...no idea why its turning the pho
  10. ahaaa...so in Cura I would need to design two things over each other and then delete the bottom part and only save the letters...then it will start print where it should, right?
  11. Thanks. I have lots to learn! No idea how to do this...and didnt know you can change the material in the middle of the job
  12. also...I would love to maybe have the letters stick out instead of be carved in as current. is there a way to make the body in red and letters in white using the U2+?
  13. I have a photo (see below) of something pretty simple that I would like to create a 3D print of. I tried importing into Cura (see below), and think it would work. Is there another way on making this happen? Any other suggestions? Thanks, P
  14. Not surewhat cnc is but yes, i would be interested. Thanks.
  15. Ivan, sorry dont get this...how do you use it?
  16. What are the key tools for post processing PLA prints? What should I get? Please share. Thanks.
  17. Thanks everyone. Went with ColorFabb....supporting dutch economy! ...after all that is where I lived most of my time!
  18. Thanks! We might need to catch up... I just got my 2+ a week ago....
  19. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/quick-temperature-fillament-test There is an STL but also gcodes to download directly. Newbie question....what is the difference from gcode and stl? STL is your 3D object (it's the extension of the file also) and Gcode is the output from your slicer. (Cura, S3D, ...) Gcode contains the information for your printer, what temperature to use, speed, coordinates for you axes, ... (you can open a .gcode file with a texteditor to take a closer look at the file) Other obje thanks! so far I dont think I ever downloaded the gcode but only stl to the sd
  20. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/quick-temperature-fillament-test There is an STL but also gcodes to download directly. Newbie question....what is the difference from gcode and stl?
  21. Thank you.... So what is gcode? Do I need to run the test print a few times or will it adjust temperatures within one print?
  22. can you please share these two test print files? i would love to test my 2+ also. lastly, you mentioned you changed some settings....to make an even better print? what did you change? please share, thanks
  23. Its time to buy some more filament....besides the Ultimaker, what filament would you suggest? There are many brands....I dont even know where to start. Thanks
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