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  1. Thanks for the info, Torgier. I did indeed swap the sensor connectors at the main board (plugged the bed sensor into temp1, nozzle into temp 3). I was reading 108 ohms both at the Thermistor and at the Thermistor connectors on the terminal block (the two screws). I observed, prior to resoldering my connections, that the resistance would change if I applied any force to the terminal block. That was why I resoldered. I have yet to trace resistance all the way back to the main board to rule out faulty wiring. Perhaps that should be my next step. I also have a replacement thermistor on the way. I'm unsure if this is the solution since it feels like I am getting consistent results from my existing thermistor, but I figure it doesn't hurt to have spares.
  2. Hi all, I have an Ultimaker 2 that's getting the heated bed sensor error. I've gone through the basic troubleshooting (resoldered the terminal connections to the heated build plate, checked the terminal connections, traced them back to the main board, swapped the bed temp sensor with the nozzle temp sensor). The latter troubleshooting indicated a problem with the heated bed/sensor. When the printer is off, I can read 108-110 ohms across the temperature sensor at room temperature, and its corresponding pins on the terminal block. If I power the printer on, that resistance drops to zero. If I heat the buildplate in the menu, the reported temperature wavers sporadically between 65 to as high as 110 degrees. I had set the target temperature to 75 degrees. The wavering continued until the printer errored out. Any thoughts/next steps? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, I was just setting up an Ultimaker 2 - got a few test prints run out via the SD card and everything was running smoothly. I like to print via OctoPrint, so I got to setting that up. I uploaded some gcode fresh out of cura (without changing the GCode to RepRap) and had the anticipated machine/print failures. After some restarts, I find that I'm no longer able to use the front dial/button. The dial still rotates and navigates the screen menu, but pressing the button in no longer confirms a setting. Mechanically, it's still actuating, and the cables for the front panel are all still tight, and I've reinstalled (updated to the latest) firmware. Anything I'm missing? Did I do any permanent harm? What are my next steps? TL;DR: trying to print via octoprint without changing GCode to Reprap. Button on front of machine no longer works.
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