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  1. I just tried "normal" cura start and end scripts but it will always print with head 1. Sorry i just don't get there...
  2. Thanks for your reply. I already tried this but it's just not printing. There is no filament coming out in this case.
  3. @tinkergnome Thanks for your quick reply but the script doesn't seem to work. It just starts to print with head 1 and doesn't even pick up head 2.
  4. Hi there and thanks for your previous help. I Have a new Issue. I just wanted to print the entire print with heaed 2 because i do not always want to change nozzles but somehow it picks head 2 but then prints everything else with head 1 even if i select head 2 to print the entire object. Any idea? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I was using your end script and it is kinda doing what it should but it doesn't home the head and the building plate entirely so i still have to do that manually after a print. Is this also the case for you? The fans seem to work now. I also have another issue: I want to print with different nozzles (also a 1.5 mm nozzle) but i cannot find the nozzle diameter in cura anymore and also there are no settings for 1.5 mm nozzles. Any ideas how to use it? And any advice if i want to print with 2 different nozzle sizes? Thank you so m
  6. Actually I was printing via USB connection. Could this be the issue? And also the Fans on the sides seem not to work - just the main Fans is running when printing Any thoughts on that? Thanks for your help!
  7. Hey Guys, I installed Cura 4.4.1 and I'm running the mark 2 extension software 19.03 but when my Print finished it does not home the head and does not lower the building plate either. So there will always remain a little dot at the end of a print. Any thoughts how to fix that? Thanks Georg
  8. That'd be really great! Yeah, next time Ultimaker PVA!
  9. Thank you guys. I tried the food dryer and calibrated everything from scratch but it still doesn't work. Could you guys maybe share recommended cura settings for printing PLA with head 1 and PVA head 2? that's my support material: https://www.3djake.at/formfutura/atlas-support-natural that's my PLA: https://www.3djake.at/extrudr/green-tec-weiss thanks
  10. I basically just left it on the spoolholder. Didn't know it's that tricky to print with PVA. I already have installed the MarkTweaks. Is there any other ways to get the PVA dry by not buying an extra food dryer? cheers and thanks for the answer
  11. Hi, again concerning my T-Rex print from above. I think the main issue is, that the PLA doesn't stick to the PVA. I don't know if it's the filament itself or the settings. Do you have any recommendations how to deal with support PVA in Mark 2 software? best, Georg
  12. I did not load that script yet. Will try it the next time. Thanks for your quick reply! I think it's the issue for the second squirtle print. But not sure if anything else went wrong with the T-Rex. cheers
  13. Hi guys. I got my Mark 2 setup to work now. I think i calibrated the 2 heads quite well but somehow the 2nd printhead prints some unwanted lines before it is moving to the right position and it's carrying the lines over the building plate which results in inaccuracy. Can you tell me if somebody has experienced similar or the same issue. I print with the old UM2 head as 2nd head and the new one from the upgrade kit as 1st head. The feeder and feeder motor are identical. Here are some pictures of the prints with it's inaccuracy at some areas. The T-Rex was printed with dissolvable PV
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