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  1. I did not load that script yet. Will try it the next time. Thanks for your quick reply! I think it's the issue for the second squirtle print. But not sure if anything else went wrong with the T-Rex. cheers
  2. Hi guys. I got my Mark 2 setup to work now. I think i calibrated the 2 heads quite well but somehow the 2nd printhead prints some unwanted lines before it is moving to the right position and it's carrying the lines over the building plate which results in inaccuracy. Can you tell me if somebody has experienced similar or the same issue. I print with the old UM2 head as 2nd head and the new one from the upgrade kit as 1st head. The feeder and feeder motor are identical. Here are some pictures of the prints with it's inaccuracy at some areas. The T-Rex was printed with dissolvable PVA supports. It seems to work quite well at the upper parts but the materials got kind a mixed at the leg parts. Do you thinks this might be an issue of having 2 different heads or is it more due to the settings. Thanks for your help!

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