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  1. Hello all. After my first print not sticking too well to the bed and warping, I put some watered down prit stick on the glass bed. Now the print has stuck royally to the bed, I have tried prying it loose with a razor, and soaked it for a few minutes in warm soapy water and no luck. I can barely get a razor underneath it! Anything else I can do? Trying to not damage the glass bed.
  2. This image helped me deduce the 'wrong way up' incident with my bowden tube. My tupe had not entered nearly as far down as your image! Thank you kindly
  3. You were absolutely right about the bowden. Somehow after I did an atomic pull, I switched the ends, which apparently is a no-go! Now it is entering just fine! Now I can finally have a go at printing my first objects out! Thanks!
  4. I am having trouble getting the filament to feed into the nozzle. It looks like it never wants to go in straight, and always seems to be curving to the left like image above. I have done an atomic pull to clean the nozzle three times over, I have also straightened the filament off the spool as much as possible as well as sharpening the end as usually suggested. Was working perfectly happy last time I printed on the machine, until I had to abort a recent print due to warping of the base. Since then, I have not managed to get the filament to insert without the feeder complaining, most likely
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