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  1. I bought this before I knew better. My mistake, but live and learn. I just hope with some of the mods that I have made it will work out. Or I will just write it off as an expensive mistake.
  2. I see you found a software fix. Great! I built my um2+ from a kit and it came with an updated aluminum feeder. I was able to remove it and turn it 180 deg. with just some very minor work. I just had to use a 60 deg bit to open a screw hole so the screw head would fit. I don't think I would do the kit again as I had too many problems. Motherboard burned up so I added a 24 v cooling fan, print fans would not work as they were wired wrong. Then after fixing wiring found out fans were defective, after I level bed it says z switch bad but is ok after a powee down and power up. Just too much to deal
  3. Update on what I have found. The good news is the motherboard is doing its job. With fan speed set at 100% and head temp at 200c I have 24v at the fan connectors. Backing the speed down to 50% shows about 12v. At your suggestion I checked the wiring at the hot end and it was wired incorrectly. I removed the fans and connected a 9v battery to the fans and only one worked sometimes. If it would not run and I hooked it up reverse polarity for an instant it would then run with proper polarity. I have another complete hot end and neither fan will run on their own with a 9v battery. So I have order
  4. here is another problem that i am having. After a bed leveling and the bed goes down I get a message that the z stop is bad. Power down and power up and good to go. Minor problem but not right. I have a kit built um2+. Z stop works fine under at all other times.
  5. Never could get it to work in the right direction no matter what firmware upgrade I used. So i did a mechanical fix by just turning the extruder upside down.
  6. Thanks for the info. Im working on it.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I have the manual and have the fans connected to the terminal in the instructions. I am going to verify the connections are good and that the voltage is correct going to the fans. Not sure if the two fans are series connected or parallel connected but if I have voltage i can work that out. This is a new motherboard as the original burned out. So I added a cooling fan to the board enclosure and made feet for unit to raise it up some. the 5volt fan works fine. There is another voltage connector on the edge of the board (24 volt) but I have not determined if it is on fu
  8. The first answer is good. Make sure the fan is free to move and also you could check that the connection is good on the mother board. This fan connects to the fan terminal that is on the center of the board. maybe it is not tight or came off.
  9. My cooling fans on mt 2+ will not run. This was built from a kit and im guessing the fan connection on the mother is in the wrong place. What terminal is the correct one for the fans?
  10. Had the same problem and tried several different things similar to what you did. Finally I increased the hot end temp from 210 to 225 while it was printing and that seems to have done the trick. I also increased the build plate temp temp to 65 but I dont think this helped. I am using yellow pla.
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