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  1. Ok well at least I am not the only one seeing this issue. I also have raised the part by .15 on the Z and I should be doing a test print sometime today. I just wanted to be sure it isn't something I am doing incorrect.
  2. Trying to print a 3D turbine engine. My issue is that once importing certain items into Cura, the first bottom "support" layer (provided by designer) shows as gray in cura and doesn't print. Its like the object is sunk into the glass and is omitting the very first layer. This only is happening on certain parts and I am not sure how to fix it. When looking at the solid view, you can see that the support is clearly underneath the fans. However, when bringing it into the first layer view, it is completely omitted. Side fact, when looking underneath, the first layer is red. Not sure if this has a
  3. We are going to take off the metal side covers tomorrow to see if there is a pinched wire. I will update...
  4. Hello everyone, Go easy on me here but my brother and I own an Ultimaker 2 extended which we just have upgraded it to the + via the upgrade kit. All went well during installation. However, now when we power the unit on and try to add material, the head unit does not home correctly and violently rattles. Specifically, I searched Ultimaker's WIKI and they mentioned something about the end stops. We checked and both end stop switches are working fine. The head unit literately cannot get there. Something gets into a major bind when it tries to do it itself (during material add). However, if we m
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