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  1. Rien en Sanders, een wat laat bedankje (door omstandigheden) voor jullie reactie. Ik gebruik nu inderdaad de Solex Hardcore (in positie 1) met de Solex 0.4 nozzle vervangen door een Solex 0.25mm en dit print perfect!!! (nozzles 0.25 en 0.4 zijn gehard en gecoat). De 0.25mm is één van de vier afmetingen die in het Solex doosje meegeleverd worden. Ik moet nu nog steeds bij elke print opdracht die "Verkeerde nozzle" foutmelding "negeren", maar het printen gaat dus prima. Verder zal ik proberen aan die instructies te komen via de mij nog onbekende GR5 (thanks Sander)
  2. Hallo mensen, Ik heb een Solex 3D Harcore aangeschaft en de 0.4mm Core (die er standaard in zat) vervangen voor een 0,25mm Core Deze heb ik in mijn Ultimaker 3 in Extruder 1 geplaatst. Als ik nu een print start met in het print profiel "Extruder 1" met een "Print core" 0,25mm geeft de UM3 een melding dat de core maat fout is voor het te printen produkt. Kennelijk staat de print op deze Hardcore ingesteld op een standaard core diameter van 0.4mm (of heb ik dat mis?) Je kunt aangeven dit te negeren, maar is er ook een manier om de UM3 te laten weten welke Core er in de p
  3. Hi @gr5, Thanks for your reply. Having Cura 2.3 it seems to be inpossible to add ("tell Cura" as you wrote) another Nozzle Diameter. See my Screenshot
  4. Hi Sander, Because you are an Ultimaker team member I would really like to here from you if you know one or more sources of knowledge concerning the new 0.15mm Nozzle which is now available (e.g. how to set or instal this Nozzle dimension in the UM2+?). Or must I create a profile, derived from 0.25 and configure the parameters ~proportionally to 0,15mm? I would like to do tests with this 0.15mm for very tiny (with demanding dimensional tolerances) parts for real technical use in, say shaver sized appliances. Thanks in advance for your appreciated reply!!! John
  5. Hello to the ones reading this, Contrary to the opinion of quite a few people, working with profiles can be very useful if you often change material or nozzle size. But...Have you ever and over and over tried to create profiles and it did not work so well? Here are some reasons and solutions MAIN REASON: You attempted to do this from the Main Menu with either: A: Main Menu, Settings->Profile->Manage Profile, or B: Main Menu, Preferences->Configure Cura...->Profile While having a model in Cura. Then, in the Preferences Window maybe you selected a Profile and choose to ("
  6. Hello, "Avoid printed parts" is NO solution against rumble! This is only ment to avoid other parts when there are more parts on the build plate. The "avoid..." action is a "Z hop" if neccecary during x-y movement from one to another part.
  7. Hello, When I print Polymax (sort of HQ PLA) I have no problems (even with Nozzle 0.25, layer thickness 0.04, 100% infill), but when printing Innofil PLA with the same settings I also get that rumbling of the buildplate, as if the Filament does not flow out enough... and on top it shows like (micro) Emmenthaler cheese. Maybe (I will try) reducing the flow or the 100% infill? or temp? Also U 2+ Cura 2.3.0 Searching for other solutions...
  8. Is the following behavior of the Ultimate software (firmware) a Bug or my fault? I had an sd-card in my Ultimate 2+, which was printing from this card. My UM is, by usb, connected to my computer which was not running. By starting my computer the running UM restarted, interrupting and thereby ruining my print (the print process could not be resumed so I could throw away 5 hours printing). This turned out to be a structural behavior of my Computer- UM combination. Can anyone explain this or suggest a workaround? (Other than disconnecting the UM before starting a print?) PS This turned
  9. Hi, I have an issue with Cura 2.1.99 After doing some try-and-error sessions with Polymax PLA I found good settings for my specific needs (small solid parts (infill 100%) for technical use with highest possible precision). Then I created this material in the “Preferences” window (Cura->Settings->Material->Manage Materials )by duplicating the Ultimaker PLA to: Display Name -> “Polymax PLA” Brand -> “Polymaker” I left Material Type, Color, Density and Diameter unchanged. So far, so good… But now I want to edit *Properties in [Tab] Information (e.g. Density and Cost) and se
  10. Hi, I am also a starter with an UM2+, just a few weeks busy. Because I mostly want small technical parts I use (the better, I believe) Polymax PLA from Polymaker. Then the nozzle 0.25mm, a 100% infill, 220deg. nozzle temp. and, however given as optinal, a bed temp of 60 deg. Fanspeed 50% I also recommend the use of (Dlac) hairspray, just a very little bit on the plate. This gives me very fine, sharp edged, good removable parts. Good luck
  11. Hi Sander, Glad I’m in the community now and be able to learn from all that input! To answer your questions No, because still being in the middle of building, even somewhere redesigning it, but it will get 3d printed parts, created in Inventor (Autodesk) And the still unused PET I have in da house is the refil recycled (yes!!!) filament. In the meantime off waiting on the first reply (was yours, THANKS!) I already learned more of using PET, which seems to be not very easy. But we will learn, 0.75kg to spend! Might it be that you know of better PET(G) than please let me know, for my appli
  12. First of all: I am an unexperienced (2 weeks) 3D printer operator Had already good results with Polymax PLA, but..... Now I want to apply PET filament in my Ultimaker 2+ but cannot find it in de Cura Material drop list. What do I have to do to make printing with “correct” print parameters for PET possible? Is there any way to add materials in that Material droplist?
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