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  1. Anyways, I think I figured it out. I was going wrong when I merged support model 1 with the main model, and in a following step I merged support model 2 with the new main model. When I select all support models including the main model at once, it works seemless. PrintTime: 5h33 ... yeah!
  2. Hello, I'm printing a model using the UM3 using PLA and support material PVA. Printing time 9hrs. If I look close, I see the PVA is all around the model. Way to much ... Only some places are important for the model to get support. How can I fix this? My idea was to design the model AND the support material and make it a dual material printjob. - I don't know if that sounds smart (are there easier alternatives?) - How to do 2 material printing? The way I was approaching this is to create several separate models. The model it self, and for each support part some sub model. Make separate stl files for each and merge the models inside cura. The problem I run into is that cura merges the objects center-center ... For one part that is OK, but for another part I'd need an offset in y direction. Can this be done? Is this the way to optimize the printing? Or could I simply design one model in say 2 layers, and assign a material to each layer? Which sounds much more efficient, but I wouldn't know how to do that. Any help would be appreciated!! BTW: I'm using UM3, Rhino, Cura 2.3
  3. If it can print classic red design chairs, then I want one!
  4. Thanks for the info. I contacted reseller Makerpoint today and they were very helpfull. By now I received the package. We leave it unopened, until we know more about the announcement to make that educated decision. In case we prefer the 'new one', they allow me to swap it. Perfect, works for me!
  5. I see in the previous message, that this message will not be visible until the moderator has reviewed it, so I hope I can simply express my concern a bit deeper ... without offending anyone. This is a follow up on my previous message ... Yesterday I was in the makerpoint store in Harlingen. I asked about the dual extruder solution, different materials, difference between um2+ and builder3d ... They told me they were up-to-date with new developments, just visited some training. The advice was: um2+ is the way to go. Who am I to counter the advice of the expert? So, I followed the advice. Before I made the purchase decision I sent an email to ultimaker, with exact this question. Is there, or will there be a dual extruder solution? Miss Zena responded, nothing I can tell you ... "Op het moment zijn ze druk bezig om de website te updaten, dus is mijn advies om later op de dag of morgen er even naar te kijken." The forum message title even says: Site down for maintenance .... No message like: today the website is updating for a new announcement or something along those lines. So I continued my pursue of buying. I transfered the money today ... the printer is expected to arrive tomorrow. Now, the new website is up... On the new announcements of "the new Ultimaker" it shows prints done with dual extruder .... (seperate support material) ... gosh .... this hurts!! I really look forward to working with a UM machine ... for me it is a big investment for years to come. Something is making me really feel bad about the timing of it all.... to me, it seems clear, based on the announcement, that it would have been wiser to wait another 6 days .... Could you please be so kind and advice me on this matter? Paul
  6. Yesterday I purchased a UM2+. While the site was maintenance today, I made payment via bank wire ... Now I see this announcement, "the new ultimaker" et all .... You can probably imagine my concern ... did I really buy the right machine? I did not even receive the UM2+ yet. Please advice on what to do.
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