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  1. Okay, Lösung gefunden, habe den Combing Modus auf "Nicht in Außenhaut" umgestellt, seitdem druckt er alles schon ohne Strings.
  2. Ich habe ein kleines Problem mit meinem UM2+, das ich nie wirklich lösen konnte bzw. nie gestört hat, da die erste Schicht nie zu sehen war bei meinen Builds. Jetzt habe ich aber das Problem, dass man bei div. Teilen die erste Schicht sehen wird und ich möchte diese gerne so glatt wie möglich haben, ohne eben diese Strings. Gibt es dafür eventuell eine Lösung, die ich in den Settings übersehen habe? Ich nutze momentan Cura 4.1.
  3. I had a Problem yesterday with a new Filament, the DoubleDriveGear, wich draws the Filament into the Extruder, couldn´t grip it tight, so i had a very bad print, wich i stopped at that point. So i remembered that there is a Screw behind the Extruder, wich controlls the tension of the Gear. Plus it also has a Spring installed, if the Filament maybe is a little thicker than 1,75mm. Now i had Problems with my regular BQ Filament too, it was the same. Opened the Extruder to check if there are any Problems, there where none. Re-installed the thing again and played a little around with the tension screw. I fully closed it and then gone back about a half turn, it seems to work now, because the spring system works not with a fully closed screw, naturally. But i want to know the original state in wich the Screw was, because i forgot to mark it with a Marker....
  4. So i have this little Problem with a File, a Cortana Chip from HALO4. I printed it one time already, but the Surface with the Support came out not as good as the top. Is there a Way to cut a STL File in Half, so i can print both of it and then glue it together? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:515833
  5. Thx Robert! I don´t deleted the whole Folder, but instead one named "old" in the Profile-Folder, that did the thing.
  6. Hi there! Since i installed recommended Print-Profiles, i have 2 of every Profile in the DropDown Box, like this: BQ Hephestos 2 - Low Quality BQ Hephestos 2 - Low Quality BQ Hephestos 2 - Medium Quality BQ Hephestos 2 - Medium Quality and so on and so on... I think that this happened after i installed older Versions, since the 2.1.3 don´t communicate with my Printer (and the new Release doesn´t open anyway). Is there a Way to get rid of this Problem? I tried to remove them in the Settings, but after a restart it´s the same again...
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