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  1. Tried the big honking brim - that curled up as well!!
  2. I'm having problems with buildplate adhesion for the XStrand GF30 PP. I have tried Pritt stick (various thicknesses), Blue masking tape, Dimafix and Kapton Tape. All prints start to curl up after the first few layers. I am using the latest available CURA software and downloaded material profiles.
  3. The Ultimaker UK link was the old fashioned telephone conversation - sorry.
  4. I have abandoned the idea of a raft and gone with a brim. Seems to be a lot better but still not acceptable. I haven't changed any temp or speed settings from default but what I have done in CURA , on the advice of Ultimaker UK, is to change infill pattern to tetrahedral, support pattern and interface pattern to Triangles, the support interface thickness to 1.5 and the brim width to 7. New testing is underway. (soon going to need some more material)
  5. OK - I have redone the Z calibration and I no longer get the curly mess. The support structure now gets laid down OK but doesn't stick to the raft (both raft and support structure are PVA) I haven't adjusted any temperatures from the defaults anywhere. Could this be the problem?
  6. Hi, Just acquired UM3 Extended and trying some test prints. I am using Cura 2.3.0. Problem I have is when printing support structures in PVA (Primary structure in PLA). The raft gets printed OK. When the main body of the part is printed, no support structure is laid down - the PVA extrudes from the nozzle and just hangs there in a curly mess. I have noticed that, even though I have disabled the prime tower option, the print head dives over to where the prime tower would be on the plate (approximately) and again tries to lay down some material but just creates the same curly mess. I have now
  7. Thanks guys - this is easier than I thought it would be. More silly questions - what's the difference between AA and BB cores? Is there some recommended manual that I should read to get all of this type of information in one place?
  8. Hi, I am new to all aspects of 3D Printing so excuse what is potentially a stupid question. We are about to buy an Ultimaker 3 Extended printer using PLA and PVA materials. I have been asked to take a look at the CURA software which I have downloaded and installed. When I set Print core 1 to PLA and print core 2 to PVA, I get error messages to say the material is incompatible with the selected machine or configuration and another message saying Unable to Slice. If I set print core 2 to something other than PVA, everything bursts into life. Ideally I would like to create a print in PLA with a
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