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  1. Sorry but that does not seem very well though out: 49% so far... (from those that have chosen to share statistics)(you can't see future statistics anyway so that's like saying we should never have gone to the moon because we wouldn't be back for decades afterwards anyway, how did you know? besides it's still very early for this feature) Being able to click print anytime and have my printer remember/continue the queue is a huge benefit not counting how many printers you have. What on-line environment? This is all running on the printer, the printer does not require an Internet connect
  2. So far 94% percent of people using Cura connect (and sharing anonymous data) only have on printer in their cluster, so that might be the way to go indeed. Then again the installed base on the printer is not really big enough to know that for sure. If 94 % of users have only 1 printer, why invest time and money programming the whole CURA software to just that small 6% group? You disadvantage the 94% group, by adding features like an online environment in which you can check if i've cleaned one of my 2 printcores. If I just have the one printer, I can assure you that I am never going
  3. I hope you'll take another look at Cura connect, the having of a print-queue makes even one printer a lot more productive IMHO. and I think you'll agree if given the chance because it fits a lot better with your time problem https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51699-what-time-is-my-print-finished You can send your print when you have finished slicing, not when your printer has also finished, then you can already slice something else, etc... P.S: You can also downgrade the firmware on the printer, then the new Cura keeps talking to the old printer in the old way. If 94 % of users have
  4. I just have one printer. I guess ill downgrade to a previous CURA version then. Thanks
  5. Hi, Where did the preheat buildplate option go? CURA 3.03
  6. Thanks I didnt know that. But, I would like to see this during preparation stage.
  7. Hi, Because I use my UM3 extended on my work daily. It is a constant puzzle to schedule prints between working hours and over night. Example: Office hours 8:30 - 17:00 8:30 print from previous night is finished. 9:23 prepare new print for the working day. the new print takes 7:49 to complete. 17:12 print is finished 17:35 starting new print How much I love to work over times, it is just a pain in the ass to not be able to see what time my print is finished, instead of seeing how much time it takes to print a part. Other examples: current time: 10:28 print time 6:35 finished: ?????
  8. Thank you, but I think I will buy a new AA 0,8 core instead. I don't like overruling and tinkering with company machinery.
  9. I think you have to have two cores in at all times. You can remove it, but I would then put in the other AA core in there. The other AA core, was destroyed one day when filament got stuck inside the print head case and ending up in burning the print core wires. (PS: I now know the UM3 is a pretty modulair design )
  10. Ok thank you for the tip. Is PVA the only material supported by the BB core? Or can I just remove the BB core? Thank you
  11. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/3300caefa2ca72b4a94ba1ad2912e42720170630092626/56937de89c902d2212bf7f9dde8a5aa320170630092626/297c90 download link for the zip file.
  12. Since I updated Cura to 2.6 (and just now to 2.6.1) I've lost my standard print quality profiles. Fine, draft normal etc. I contacted my local reseller and they said to try re-adding the printer. This worked once, but now even that does not seem to work anymore. Any suggestions? Karel
  13. I've wanted to try out Nylon prints for a while now and today I'm trying out a few samples from Nexeo. Ultimaker 3 Extended. Nexeo novamid 1070. First try: Kapton tape on bed Buildplate temperature: 110C Nozzle temperature: 270C Print speed 70mm/s Brim: 7mm Part warped and them came loose after 10 minutes. Second try: Kapton tape on bed Buildplate temperature: 100C Nozzle temperature: 270C Print speed 70mm/s Brim: 20mm Print still going and looking good! Looking forward to the final result. What is you experience with Nylon?
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