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  1. Just yesterday I tested out the ABS filament I baked for 5 hours at 150F and it worked perfectly with the 0.8mm core.
  2. ABS seems to print fine with the 0.4mm core. However even with the larger layer thickness (0.4mm) ABS still prints very poorly. PLA Seems to print just fine with the same setup though. I noticed when I was switching filaments the ABS was bubbling heavily as it was freely extruded from the print head. @Tomhe Could this be the root of my poor prints with ABS? Should I bake the ABS prior to printing with it?
  3. I ran a couple prints last week with the new 0.8mm core and UM ABS and was not very happy with the print quality. It left large amounts of excess material at most stop/start positions, a bunch of stringing, and in some areas poor layer adhesion. I ran the builds with the default profile for 0.8mm cores. Now it strikes me as odd that the one and only option for default UM profiles has a layer thickness of 0.2mm. I would think that if that layer thickness is achievable with the 0.4mm core then the 0.8mm core should print layers at least double that. And when I observed the layers it looked as
  4. Is there any hope for an option to selectively apply adhesion settings to parts or supports? This would come in handy for large prints that just barely fit within the build plate and the brim on supports make it too large. Also when I have a large part that is flat on the bottom but has high overhangs extending over the base it would be nice if I didn't have to brim the part but could have the option to only brim supports.
  5. It was in fact something with the firewall. Thanks!
  6. I tried to update the firmware today and when I finished establishing the wifi connection and downloading the firmware on my UM3 it displayed the entire firmware code on the user interface which forces me to scroll through the entire thing on the click wheel (this took 20 minutes) until I could select "INSTALL". After selecting install it immediately gave me a "failed to verify firmware update" error message. I gave up on updating it and was just going to start my print but it would not let me out of the "Ignore/Install" prompt. I restarted the printer several times and upon reboot the "Print/
  7. Precisely, but still excited to try the 0.8 for something soon.
  8. @SandervG any updates on cores with the smaller diameter nozzles?
  9. So my current build is going quite well. I changed two main things, one being I am now using PLA supports and no PVA at all. This was not preferable but well see how easy support removal is once its done as well as surface finish. The other thing was that I set the XY spacing to 5 mm giving the wall excess space for air flow. I'm not sure which of these two, or if both of them are contributing to the better print quality of the wall but it seems to be working...
  10. I have been trying for days now to prevent the walls of this build from caving in. The model is IP sensitive but in essence it is a 1.05mm shell with four inlets that encases an internal lattice structure. I've experimented with different temperature, speed, plate adhesion settings as well as varying the size and orientations of this model and nothing has worked so far. I have PVA supports on the inside and outside of the vertical wall that sits on the plate to support the shell overhangs as well as the internal lattice that sits within the shell center. The most recent attempt with t
  11. So is Selective Build Plate Adhesion a thing yet or no? I cant seem to find it anywhere.
  12. And the cracks actually dont show up and arent just concealed by the black color? haha
  13. So I just noticed that both of these Axle Belt Boxes (I'm not sure what the proper name for them is) in the picture are cracked. Is this a potential issue now or in the future and if so how to I fix/replace them? Thanks!
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