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  1. Have you done the X/Y axis calibration, or is the front of your print like the model? It seems to me a little bit as the second print core is not your only problem.
  2. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23329-inside-the-ultimaker-3-day-3-remote-access-part-2 At least with the remote API it is possible. From the menu I haven't found a possibility yet.
  3. Hi, I'm still not getting the issue why so many other printers go to 1,75mm filament - but anyways. Now i'm just curious if someone already tried 1,75 on the UM3. Shouldn't it just work out of the box due to the easily switchable bowden tube? Best regards, Alexander
  4. Hi, Yesterday I tried to pack the build plate full to increase the build time efficiency and nearly got a heart attack after the first layer when the print head stuck on the little hook on the right hand side which is used to move the 2nd print core down. It seems like the back right corner of the build plate is not fully usable due to this design - despite in my opinion its very neat Loosing a little bit of space is not so much an issue for me, but shouldn't the UM3 (Extended) firmware prevent the head from moving along this hook when its not going to switch the print core? As a software d
  5. As for the reliability of the PrintCores, 10 days printing 24/7 and still perfect results like the first out of the box experience here.
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