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  1. Good solution to a complex problem. I have tried numerous times to capture profile data so I could compare the changes I made while experimenting with new settings. CURA saves fragments of profiles in numerous files and folders making this frustratingly difficult! Once the settings are captured in a specific order, I open two profiles to compare in notebook++ and use the compare extension to find the changes.
  2. Where is the CURA default metadata stored? I have not been able to find a text or zip formatted configuration file. CURA 3.2.1 has about 300 settings, most of which we users do not set as visible. I assume these are set at some default value, and that some are active while others are not for slicing. While Slic3r saves every metadata name and value in the saved ini files, Cura only saves “quality_type = draft” plus the metadata names and values of user changes. I’d like to review the entire list and defaults to experiment on fine tuning my builds. Currently I go to the profile manager, enable a few, and experiment with those. Try to reset them back to defaults and try another set. Very tedious.
  3. heinzel - I looked for the makerbotre....insr.cfg and I do not have that file in Cura 3.1 or 3.2. However, 3.2 crashes only with I copy my inst.cfg files into the 3.2 quality folder. I checked each file and found 2 files of 1k in length fulled with NULs. After deleting these 3.2 now loads properly. I looked through by system backup and found the 2 corrupted files as far back as last December. 3.1 apparently ignored them. I looking forward to trying the new features in 3.2
  4. Good find! Is this character in settings file or in the code? If you tell me which file I can also do some testing.
  5. For the lost settings, find the settings path as above: To find the settings open cura. Under help select Show Configuration Folder. When you select this it will display the path and files. Go there with explorer. I found a zip file created by cura 3.2 with my 3.1 settings. It was named 3.2_23536 or similar. Unzip into the settings path.
  6. Attached are 1. current 3.1 folder 2. the 3.2 zip file I found after selecting the clear option during install. 3. I added .log for uploading cura 31 definitions.zip.log 3.2_20180223_143240.zip.log
  7. To find the settings open cura. Under help select Show Configuration Folder. When you select this it will display the path and files.
  8. I changed a config flag so that the material field is not displayed. I enter changes between filaments in the profile and name the profile to identify the filament settings with the other settings changes. For example: "INLAND PLA Blue 0.2/60" I have never found an explanation of how the material configuration works with the profile configuration. Which takes precedence over the other in the applied settings? I doubt this is causing the error, but just wanted to point this out.
  9. Cura 3.2.1 crashes on installation whether I remove 3.1 or not. Selecting the 3.2.1 install notice to clear & restart gives a successful install but all config and profile files are erased. If I move my backup config files back to the their appdata folder, 3.2 crashed on startup. I removed 3.2 and did a clean install (new config files). Copying over just my profiles crashes 3.2. This may be because I did not copy the right group of files. Cura 3.2.0 also had these problems. The only non-standard setup in my Cura environment is that I have disabled "Materials" and use different Profiles for each material. The error log with several install and start attempts is attached. stderr.log windows 10 current working version: Cura 3.1 updating to Cura 3.2.1 "Materials" configuration disabled Machine other\Prussa i3 (ANET A8)
  10. Moving from Slic3r to Cura 3.1 its not clear to me how materials and profiles interact. Do the material values, extruder temp for example, over-ride the temps in the profile, or vice versa? My setting for each filament brand/color/type are different each model requires different profile settings. I'm accumulating quite a few of each. I forget to change the material type AND the profile when I change filaments/models. So I disabled 'materials view' and use just profiles. This has a number of drawbacks. For example, all my part views are in yellow which makes them hard to see. What am I missing? BTW is there a cfg file (Theme?) where I can change the default part color?
  11. I started using Cura 2 recently, so I'm not familiar with previous versions. I got the impression that there is a Pronterface plugin for Cura to control the printer, but the discussions are about v15 and earlier. I can't find the "Control" selection anywhere in Cura 2 mentioned in those discussions. Is this plugin included in v2? Where do I find it? How do I access it. It seems to me that this printer control plugin is an essential function to make Cura a turn-key package.
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