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  1. I think the layer height cannot be managed via a postprocessing plug in Imagine you have a spherical piece to print. When you are printing the bottom or the top part of the piece it will be very interesting to have a smaller layer height, to have a better quality and not a 'staircase' effect. But to achieve this a layer of 0.2mm for instance will be modified in 2 layers of 0.1mm. But each new layer will not have the same travel (for the walls a circle). A post processing plug in cannot calculate this new travel very easily, and imagine if the piece is a complex shape. To make this kind of thing the best way would be for the cura engine to slice the original part in 2 parts, and on each one do the slicing with the relevant layer height
  2. Ok nice end to this topic
  3. Look at your first post at the begining of this thread, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who hasn't worked on the subject. Is your description accurate, with the necessary information available. The sentence ' welll... hard to explain ' is far from useful to find the solution. Myself, I try to help to the extent of my knowledge, on my free time. The minimum for someone seeking help is to provide the necessary information so that those who can help you do so without spending too much time,
  4. I do'nt scream as myself I did the same mistake but i think in a different 'spirit' Look at : https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/28025-bug-advice-slice-button-not-disabled-immediately/?tab=comments#comment-239483
  5. You have not really try to find, in the HELP Menu there is a 'Report a bug" with a link to the relevant place !!!! So try not to give a judgement too quickly
  6. I think the bug is the following one : the textbox for the z porcentage is after the y coordinate (on the 2nd line )textbox and 'vice versa' for the y porcentage and the z coordinate
  7. You seem to have done a lot of testing already Can you give us screen shots for the various cases where you see a strange behavior, and also those which have succeeded. As you have tested a lot of different configurations, do'nt forget to give us the values and params you have used for each test
  8. I think it's a good practice to disconnect auto slicing as if your piece is complex, any modification in the parameter, the place where the part is on the bed etc.. this launch the slicing and you have to wait along long long time just to have the opportunity to make another modification before really doing what you want For the Cura team : why do'nt put at the beginning slicing on 'non auto'
  9. You have to uncheck the 'uniform scaling' checkBox below the x y z values if the scale is different on the various axes
  10. Nallath, Yes and I discovered after my post there was a link via the help menu where I found the previous advices !!!! Maybe it will be interesting to open a section, only to give the same link, just to avoid the unnecessary posts like mine !!
  11. When you have a complex mesh to slice and you click on the slice button, the button is still active for a long time. If you think you have'nt click and you click once more, the process is beginning all over again... and after a long time you get an error (unable to slice), and Cura then continue and go back to the slicing process. My Suggestion is to disable at once the Slice button.(and change the color so that the user get the information the process is initiated) Cura 4.0, windows 7 64
  12. Jabbery, I see in your 3mf file that you have not checked the skin parameter below Outer before inner walls. UM says that this param allows better dimensional accuracy
  13. Jabbery, I'm back !!!! I have seen a parameter in the Skin section called horizontal expansion. In the description that appears when the mouse is over it UM tells that it may compensate for too big or too small holes I have not tried, but for you, it's worth it
  14. Take a look to https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/9ownqo/waiting_for_user_ender_3_problem/ Besides, if you're printing from an SD Card, is the SD Card always abolutely correctly inserted
  15. As the children tell in France when they have not discover the solution to a problem another child has asked for : 'Je donne ma langue au chat' (I give my tongue to the cat) I hope you'll succeed !!
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