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  1. Hi guys, need a little help with this one: small object needs te be printed (50 pieces) printer: UM3 with closed cabin Material: UM ABS black and/or CF NGEN black I've managed so far to print a single strong version in NGEN but when I print 25pcs at a time the pins easily break off. With UM abs I haven't even succeeded in making one single strong print 😐 I've played with wall thickness, temperature, speed, infill overlap, infill and some other but i've got a feeling there is something I am not seeing... maybe simply too much once? Anyo
  2. Hi guys, For some months now I have an old printjob in my printtask overview that can't be deleted. Does anyone know how to? I've tried to locate the file responsible but no luck. anyone? TIA Barry
  3. Hi all, i've one AA core with a defected nozzle (damaged myself, don't ask how:-) so not warranty) but unfortunately UM won't sell spare nozzles for the UM3. At one hand understandable (because of the idea behind the core) but when you have a perfectly good core and only need a nozzle it feels completely unnecessary to put this core in the dumpster. So does anyone know a alternative supplier for spare nozzles that fit the UM3? I already use 3dsolex so don't need to mention them. They work excellent but the nozzle will not fit in the original core. Another solution from UM itself might
  4. thanks Indy, that's seems a logical explanation. just back from the holidays and have updated firmware yesterday so I will have a look at it once again.
  5. Hi, was just wondering... why is it that whenever I start a job with only extruder 1 used the heating program starts and also heats up extruder 2 (to about 170degr.)? generally I wouldn't mind but since extruder 2 is the BB core with pva it doesn't improve the quality of the pva when it's heated unnecessary. any one has a thought on this?
  6. Hi UltimateBacon, it's sound exactly as what I need but like Arno before me I have no idea were to start. Can you make it a for dummies pls :-) What to do with the ffmpeg file and how to use python to execute this script... would be much appreciated
  7. Thanks Amadee, that sounds like a usefull tip. I will give it a try.
  8. Hi, it seems like i can't get the buildplate to level properly. The springs are complety stretched but nozzle is not close enough to the buildplate. Is there another way to get the nozzle and buildplate closer together? appreciate the help...
  9. Well, it's been a couple off days now and so far.... me happy :-) @nallath: the reason I created this thread was just because of this. It's to complicated for non-linux users and I think there should be an easier way by default. But luckily there's no need for me because in this case dhcp binding is enough. thanks guys!
  10. thanks for the tip xyz... i've set it up. Now let's wait and see for a couple of days..
  11. Morning Guys, I want to set a static Ip adres for my UM3 but don't see a workable workaround yet. Although i've read some threads about this topic none of them provide an easy workaround. So my question of today is... is there an easy way? Hope so, because at this moment I have to allow access to my printer every 2-3 days or so... i think/hope static ip will resolve this. Barry
  12. Thanks Tom, I'll get my self a needle of some sort... Maybe it's an idea that UM hands some procedure on how to handle PVA when you don't use it for some time... i see more people struggle with this. What i'll do is change bb printcore as soon as I don't use it and put in a sealed bag with silica... hopefully that helps.. any other tips?
  13. Hi guys, has anyone ever tried to demount the bb printcore? I've a serious pva clog in it and the regular unglogging procedure is not working. it think the pva is burned and not melting anymore.... I just want to make sure if there are 'things' to consider demounting it. thanks ia Barry
  14. that's what I thought...hmm have to do some network re-installation i am afraid.. thanks!
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