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  1. I have had an Ultimaker 3 from when they where released great bit of kit, BUT the supporting instructions on how to use functions in the software I find very poor. by example You have a function 'support blocker' selectable from the main screen. So how do I find how to make use of it? Logic says type 'Support Blocker' in the HELP search window the answer comeback with "NO RESULTS FOUND" so I try the manual for Software No Results Found, well this is what lets a great product down. Ultimaker, if you want to see how it should be done take a look at ONSHAPE CAD and look
  2. Has anyone any success printing smaller parts with NINJA ARMADILLO (TPU type of filament, I think) on a Ultimaker 3. I seem to have problems with the model partially 'melting" as it prints, the nozzle seems to quash the print maybe. the part is a buffer measuring 6mm diameter 5mm long, so it is small. I have tried Ultimaker TPU 95 settings and Ninja recommendation with the same problem But it prints ok with PLA?? The filament is 2.85mm Any thoughts greatly appreciated
  3. I would appreciate some help and guidance Has anyone tried out PMMA with an UM3 and if so whose product did you use and what temps proved successful for nozzle and the bed, Thanks in anticipation
  4. I noted you have included the option to tRansfer in SOLIDWORKS files I use the Cloud based CAD oONSHAPE designed by the ex design staff of SOLIDWORKS which is brillant as there is free to use option. Could you consider looking at the same option for ONSHAPE as it is proving popular with educational schools and colleges Thanks Geoff
  5. Hi SandervG From the layers pic I cannot see anything that I understand from the pic albeit not sure if i understand the pic. I did not another print as they take 19 hours!! does PVA print ok on fast print? I attach a link to my Onshape file to let you see the Bandsaw Knob. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/ce80ad70b3e7f4d3bf20698d/w/aa82bb3d1cfc0898bfc39ffa/e/097338780d2829b47f869281 I am also concerned about the offer in the vertical of the base it shifted for about 3/4mm so the prints layers where no longer concentric, offset by a 1 to 2 mm and then shifted back to where it
  6. Hi The PLA & PVA are straight out of Ultimaker 3 box as delivered. Here are the settings from the CURA control panel I did not check the layers not sure what I would be looking for, it look sound to me. Should I copy you the file? The print i stopped because the clump was getting larger and catching on the other nozzle. Thanks for replying your help much appreciated Regards Geoff
  7. Brand new just unboxed Ultimaker 3 Having problems with the PVA for support. The print seems to leave clumps of PVA and small bits on the table, it seems all located at a point on the support. The consequence is the other nozzle hits the hard clump, so I think the clumps have caused the print to jar and has offset the print:D:D Any guidance much appreciated or is this the norm??
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