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  1. hi, I am printing with anet a8 i3. When the Extruder is leaves the last levels, it seams that there is a melting of the pla notice that it happens only on one side of the printing. I appreciate explenation of the reason and how to fix it. thanks Dov
  2. Hi , Thanks I am new to this form, how can I take a look at the variable height setting that can do that automatically
  3. hi, in the course of my work I found out that I can reduce time and material If I use the option to change the slicing height for a short distance (Z), and then return the original quality definition. for example, start with original definition of .2mm for 15mm , then change it to .06 for 2mm and back again Thanks a lot Dov
  4. Hi, My printer is Anet A8. I am trying to print a Fan in cura 2.4 I am using the option Touching Build and expect the support build up to be under the wings that are not touching the surface. I expect the support build up to be under the hanging area ( the wings) but it covers the whole area. changing to the option everywhere I get the same results. I tryed all angels from 2 to 89 for the support over hung angle. can any one suggest a video or a tutorial? thanks Dov
  5. I am trying to connect Prusa Alit A8 i3 to Cura 2.3.1 I down graded one pc to win 8.1 64bit, I Installed Cura 14.07 as instructed in the manual executed the configuration file for Curra 14.07 and in the configuration menu in the printer display I stored and loaded EEprom. In the Machin setting I assigned 115200 to bud rate and com 3 to the serial port. My PC has 3.0 USB ports. Connection was made and I confirmed that I can print using the USB connection from Cura 14.07 on my PC to the Alet A8 i3. I installed Cura 2.3.1 and found out that I have no way to define port or bud rate or any way to connect to the printer need help, I don't now where to start thanks Dov
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