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  1. I have several functions missing, like there is no task bar. I have to move the mouse pointer somewhat under and to the right of what I want to mark / highlite / edit. In below image you can see (I hope), there are no "headers" like "machine settings", "extruder settings". I can get there by guessing where to click. But this way I don't know what else I'm missing. Other bits of text in text windows are hard or impossible to read: When I want to create a new profile, I can't see the name I want to give to the profile. There is just a blue line, but no characters. So I'm literally typing blind. Does anybody have any idea what could be the cause of this?
  2. I have no idea what happened. Two days ago everything was fine. I made 3 succesful prints. Now, when I want to put it on the SD card after slicing, nothing happens. When I want to save to file, I get the following options: 3MF file, STL file and OBJ file. No option for gcode, so no way to print.
  3. The day before yesterday everything was fine, but since yesterday I can't get Cura to start up. It starts loading up to the point of "loading scenes" and then nothing. I'm guessing it's my computer getting too slow, but I'm not sure. Installing version 2.7 gets me the same result. Now I want to install it on another, faster laptop. Instead of reinventing all my setting, I just want to copy them. Where are these settings stored? I copied the entire contents of the map that's in "Program files", but this doesn't change anything.
  4. I set up dual extrusion up for a Tevo Tarantula. It works great for the first layer. While on the second extruder, extruder 1 is cooling down to prevent oozing. The second layer starts with extruder 2, as he was on at that time. The it's time to reheat extruder 1 and there it goes wrong. I get a preheat error. Not sure wheter it's a firmware or a slicer issue. Can't find the solution. On single colour prints both extruder 1 and extruder 2 work great.
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