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  1. Update: I've finally chosen the lazy option and bought the last mark2 board the swiss reseller had in stock. Replacing a couple of transistors would probably have cost 60x less, but I consider this as a last tribute to this excellent project. Incidentally, I also realized later that my original mainboard's stepper were not working anymore. Eventually the only option was to install a clone UM2.1.4 mainboard from China, with the driver for the #2 extruder still installed. That solution seems to work but I won't leave the machine printing unattended, which limits considerably the kind of work I
  2. Hi, I have been an happy user of the mark2 with the expansion board for many years. Now I had to replace the ulticontroller (front board) and front OLED screen because... well I do not know exactly, but at some point on power on it smelled like electrical smoke and went dark. Now I could get a new ulticontroller from Ultimaker (via @Dim3nsioneer's shop) and I am on my way putting everything back together. But now the nozzle fan of the second printhead does not work. I mean, it never turns on, even if I warm up the nozzle above 40°C (or even 70°). I have the same modified thinkergnome
  3. Sorry, for some reason I was not notified of your message. I have not tried and I couldn't try, because my machine is an UM2 not-extended, and I would like to avoid crashing the z-axis into the nozzle. This "x/y limit switch error" occurred for unexplained reasons then disappeared before I could identify a reason of even just a pattern. If you still encounter this issue, maybe you could ask the author of the firmware if he has any idea. Sorry that I can't help more.
  4. What exact problem do you have at the moment? Is it still this one: In this case, I would assume that something went wrong with the firmware update. As gr5 pointed out, there is no such thing as printhead auto-discovery. Are you sure that you picked up the right version of the firmware? Anything happened during the firmware upload process?
  5. Sooo, I just finished my first successful print! Even if there is still room for improvement in my settings, now my kids too have a cool traffic cone to play with (scaled down by 50%) : I’m deeply thankful to the incredible people that made this possible. My four years old printer is born again, once again (after the olsson block, a new feeder, and some other mods of my own). I’m still surprised and delighted by the power and the good of open source hardware. Now, to come down to some more mundane considerations, here are the caveats I encountered and how they were solved, in the hope
  6. Findings: - with firmware Mark2-dual-17.02.2.hex, the head fan #2 never comes online. - with firmware Tinker-Mark2-expansion-board-17.02.2.hex, it comes online above 40°C. Is the former firmware not suitable for my particular setup (um2(+) with expansion board)? I can stick with the tinker firmware. But perhaps it could be interesting for others to know if the first firmware (non-tinker) is suitable for folks who have the expansion board. If it is supposed to work, maybe I can try to fix it. Another odd think I just noticed with both firmwares: Cura 2.6.1 (configured with the provide
  7. Do you mean, also the one in the middle, that is normally always on in the printhead #1? I'm printing a dual extrusion test right now, currently at layer 4; all 3 fans on printhead #1 are spinning, but on printhead #2 they are still off..
  8. Mmmm.... does anybody know when the #2 printhead fan is supposed to come online? Is it supposed to be turning when printing the calibration gcode? The voltage out of the mark2 extension board reads 0... wondering if (what) I'm doing wrong here... edit: is there a gcode or a way to force it on, to check wheter it is a physical or a logical problem?
  9. Yep, just did it (could not have wait for a replacement board to arrive anyways ;-) ). Problem solved, I could upload the firmware and I got no errors so far! thanks!
  10. I haven't tried yet: I must have messed up something with the serial connection while trying to thinker around the issue via the Arduino IDE (I wanted to see what happens exactly code-side); anyways, I just noticed something: there seems to be a contact between the two pins on the expansion board: My multimeter, set to continuity mode, says that there is contact between the two pins. Which would explain why the firmware sees a very low value for the temperature.. (from what I can see in the firmware code, this error is thrown when the temp it reads is too low) am I seeing it right?
  11. Hi, I just installed the mark2 kit with the extension board on my 2014 (march) UM2, which has become a de facto UM2+ over the time (matchless olsson block, feeder 2+, 2+ printhead fans), using a second print head from a brand new UM2+ upgrade kit. Followed the instructions on magnetic-tool-changer.com and checked and rechecked again that all connections are done the right way. With the default firmware, the printer turns on normally, the values I read for bed and nozzle temp make sense (ambient temp more or less), and even if I haven't tried to actually print, stuff like nozzle and bed he
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