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  1. I noticed that the bracket that holds the brown piece and the white boden holder gets hot, I feel that This is a heat creep issue what can cause that? too tight when I reassembled the machine?
  2. the only thing is that the part cooling fan was damaged so i replaced it with a fan that is 10mm smaller but do you think that this is the issue? I have redone the teflon tube and checked the white rubber peice and it seems to be fine?
  3. Hello I have bought an Ultimaker original plus and It has been nothing but a dream. Recently I have been having an issue with extrusion, the filament is hard to push trough the nozzle as if there was a jam?. I have gone trough and cleaned the nozzle assembly and the nozzle three times. I know for sure that it is not the feeder, and when doing "cold pulls" it looks as if the heat is creeping up the heat break and the filament is expanding in the chamber.This has never been an issue and now I can no longer use the Ultimaker . The printer is stock and nothing is burnt or looks broken. I have alre
  4. I have a question about simplify 3d , I cannot seem to get a good print with it. I have changed the extruder multiplier and still have got nothing. I know that the umo+ has the new printer board but the older extruder? so do I use the um 2 profile? if anyone could please send a file with the right settings to help me out that would be great im new to simplify 3d and I have contacted their support with no luck. They just sent me to their guide. if needed i can attach my profile. thank you jarred cura has no problem with my printer
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