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  1. Yes I have the same problem 2.6.2 and 2.7 stopped working, hoping loading 3.0 would fix.... Nope still will not open!
  2. I'm having the same problem on "layer view mode". Just made my first post about this same thing, hope it gets moved over here to the Cura section? Mine shows the first few layers correctly, then after that only shows and prints outer most shell, everything else inside gets ignored? And infill not shown unless at 100% ??? Mattee
  3. When I upload a model, Cura shows the bottom few layers as expected with a line fill only, doesn't matter which one you choose. Then as you move the slicer slider up...All you get is the outer most shell and a hollow interior, but no interior walls or infill, and that's exactly what prints. Also 0 - 95 % fill all say the same time (4-6 Hours). Infill ONLY shows if it's 100%, then the time jumps to day(s) for print time estimate... Any thoughts why this is happening? Solutions greatly appreciated. Thanks Mattee
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