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  1. Hi, Is it possible to modify the printer settings (Bed temperature, Lights, Print speed) from a network computer without touching the printer ? Thank you.
  2. Hi Ultiarjan, thank you for this idea. I will build or buy myself a box like this. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi rebekah_harper, thank you for your response. When I print my PVA is on the classic spool holder. It is true that between two prints I do not always store it back in my storage box. Thank you for your clear answer.
  4. Hi, I use an UM3, Cura 3.0.3 with default settings. When I print some PVA I get this: It looks like bubbles in the filament. Before printing the filament is perfect and I store it in a dry storage (plastic box with moisture-absorbing desiccant packs in it). Sometimes while printing I can hear some pops. I looked at the other topics about PVA and the response is not clear. As anyone already solved this issue? Thank you!
  5. Hello Tomnagel, I have asked the french reseller and they said that Ultimaker has not accepted to send a new tag. I found easier to buy a new spool of Black PLA. Now that I have a tag that is recognize I will keep it. I also bought a new spool of PVA, now I also have a tag that is recognized. Thank you.
  6. Hi Tomnagel, I am using Cura 2.6.2 for win64 Are you using 2.7 beta? Thanks.
  7. I will try to contact the company who sold the UM spool. Are the settings in Black PLA and classic PLA different? I looked in Cura and it looks like color does not affect the recomended settings. Does color affect the printing settings ? Thank you. I have contacted the company who sold the spool. They told me that UM disagree about sending a tag. What is not cool is : 1- their is no way to tell the UM3 that this unrecognized spool is black PLA 2- if you set PLA on the UM3 you get a wrong color in Cura 3- if you modify the color in Cura you get an error message every time you prin
  8. Hi Dim3nsioneer, You are right! I found the menu and my UM3 show me a TAG number and write "UNKNOWN" below the tag ID. Can I now associate the TAG ID to standard UM Black PLA? Thank you for your help
  9. Thank you for this answer. It is very clear.
  10. This is exactly the answer I was waiting for. It is very clear. Thank you gr5.
  11. You are correct that you have to also buy the hardcore printcore from 3dsolex. So it's a big expense for just getting the ice coating. I'm not sure if it's worth it or not. On the other hand if you were thinking about buying a .8mm core anyway then you can save your money and get the 3dsolex and get other nozzle sizes: .25 .4 .6 .8. I sell 3dsolex products in USA so I am a bit biased. Thank you for your answer gr5. With the 3dsolex printcore, because you can remove the nozzle it should be easier to clean. Can you then drop your nozzles in Acetone or any other chemical product tha
  12. Hi Kmanstudios, I didn't knew about that option, it was hidden by default in Cura. Thank you for your idea. I found some videos on YouTube and also the parameter in Preference/Configure Cura/Settings/Dual extrusion/ Enable ooze shield! I will try that!
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