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  1. Hi, Is it possible to modify the printer settings (Bed temperature, Lights, Print speed) from a network computer without touching the printer ? Thank you.
  2. Hi Ultiarjan, thank you for this idea. I will build or buy myself a box like this. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi rebekah_harper, thank you for your response. When I print my PVA is on the classic spool holder. It is true that between two prints I do not always store it back in my storage box. Thank you for your clear answer.
  4. Hi, I use an UM3, Cura 3.0.3 with default settings. When I print some PVA I get this: It looks like bubbles in the filament. Before printing the filament is perfect and I store it in a dry storage (plastic box with moisture-absorbing desiccant packs in it). Sometimes while printing I can hear some pops. I looked at the other topics about PVA and the response is not clear. As anyone already solved this issue? Thank you!
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