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  1. I use a couple of slicers (mainly Cura), and have just found that I cannot use Copy/Paste in the machine settings. I use Copy/Paste to keep all slicers gcodes common. EDIT: I just found out that ctl-c and ctl-v work using the keyboard. Would still like to mouse it though.
  2. In Layer view, where are the options about what to see like travels, helpers, etc.? EDIT: Nevermind. Found it.
  3. Marlin has a mechanism to prevent cold extrusion. It won't move the extruder unless it is at least 170C, so no grinding the filament. But since you mentioned the preheat commands, I always let Cura insert the appropriate temperature commands ahead of my start gcode so the bed and nozzle were at temperature for printing before my start gcode was processed. At some point, Marlin started letting the nozzle temp drop about 10 degrees (for PLA. ABS was more like 25) while running the G29 bed levelling. The bed temp stays very stable, but the nozzle temp dropped. So I added M109 S{material_print_temperature} ; wait for extruder temp (Note: not layer_0) right after the G29 command so the printer would wait until the nozzle temp was at the correct temp again. This works, but screws up everything. Cura no longer put the M109 command ahead of my start gcode so the nozzle was cold until after the G29 command. I guess this is a good and bad thing. Good in that the nozzle isn't just baking the filament during probing and oozing it out. Bad in that I have to remove this statement if I use another slicer which is a whole other issue (think supports 😡 ). I used a G4 S10 before I found the Cura snippet, but it has to be changed for each print temp. The higher the print temp, the more dwell is needed. Is this the intended way for Cura to work? Wayne
  4. I agree with the eyes comment. Imagine my 70+ year old yes. 🙂 As for the layout, I have been trying the 4.0b2 and I have to say I still prefer the 3.6 style interface. I like your ideas about making the menu floating and dockable. I like that idea a lot. But I also realize this is a slicer and free to boot, and my guess is that the programming staff is . . . not numerous. This is a company that makes their money selling printers, not software, so the emphasis should be on slicing to make their printers perform better, and beautification secondary. And that is my main concern right now as supports for the last couple of releases have been driving me to other slicers for certain models. Like supports for an overhang where the supports start in mid air, or some supports that start on the build plate the way they are supposed to but don't get within several layer thicknesses of the model and are just wasted plastic. And I have had numerous problems with support blocker and custom supports. Wayne
  5. In the attached photo, there are 4 attempts at placing custom supports. 1 - just placing one at the top of the area, 2 - Place one at the bottom, 3 - expand the one at the top all the way down to the surface of the part where I want the supports, 4- starting from the bottom and expanding all the way up the the surface that needs supports. There are about a dozen other things I have tried to get supports in that space leading up to filling in the space completely, but the result is always the same. After slicing and switching to layer view there are no supports in place. At the time of this solid view screenshot, Supports>Touching Build Plate is enabled. If I switch to Supports>Everywhere, this area gets filled in completely, but so do other parts of the model that cannot have supports and I would have to spend a lot of time blocking certain areas, and there have been a couple of small but critical areas that supports will not block, but that is the opposite issue. For now, I went ahead and printed this piece using "Touching Buildplate" supports, and it did ok, but I think it would look much better if that area at the top would have been supported. So am I doing this wrong, and if so, what do I do to make it happen? Or is this a bug and if so where would I report it?
  6. One suggestion I think I would like to see is to make the settings panel a fly-out from the side, and that I could adjust the width of the panel. Or at the least, I think the settings panel could be narrower. Wayne
  7. One thing that has been an irritation for me for quite a while is the printer prefix. When are we going to be able to specify our own prefix?
  8. This is close. I have already de-selected the option to send the data, and gone to the More Information dialog and checked the box "I don't want to send these data", and yet I get the nag every time I start Cura 3.6.0. The 4.0 beta does the same. Besides, I looked through the info collected and some of it is just wrong. Ex: it says Cura 3.3 instead of 3.6. And OS is Linux 16.04. The machine I am looking at this info on is a Windows machine. I do have an Ubuntu Linux machine, but it hasn't had 16.04 on it for a year. (I know it says this is an example).
  9. Is the new version going to stop nagging about sending anonymous data?
  10. I saw that, and I intend to look into it in the next day or two. Thanks, Wayne
  11. ahoeben - Sorry about not recognizing the icons. I have been using Cura for a while now and never noticed them before. So much for my observational skills. But I think the rest of my post is still valid.
  12. I didn't read through all the posts, but in my opinion, this new interface takes up more space to show less information. For example, at the top there is space taken up with basically two full lines to show what could be condensed to one. That takes up space in the model display area. The settings panel is wider and shows fewer lines of settings. On a laptop, that is just too much space taken up unnecessarily. Just above the settings is a line showing your filament profile, infill %, and two more icons. What are they? One looks like a combination of custom supports and scaling, and the other one looks like maybe Z-offset? At any rate, they always show "Off" Wayne
  13. I just got the update to upgrade Cura on my Ubuntu 16.04 desktop machine through the normal update process. No errors . . . and no Cura. When I launch Cura I get the splash screen (and it shows Cura 2.7 PPA) for about 3 seconds and then it goes away. That's it. No crash notification, no error message, no nothing. Any Ideas how I can fix this? Thanks, Wayne
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