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  1. I'm still having problems with some settings that just disappear and just will not display. Latest example - Print temperature and print temperature initial layer. I tried everything I could think of and finally wound up recreating the profile.
  2. I found out why skin overlap wasn't showing. Well, not why exactly but . . . In the Shell section of the settings window, if I have top/bottom pattern set to Concentric, the skin overlap disappears. Change top/bottom pattern to either lines or zigzag, skin overlap re-appears.
  3. Thank you for your response. What isn't broken in windows! 🤬 I wonder if there are enough people that would be interested in something like this to make a formal feature request???? Wayne
  4. Does Cura have any command line options for startup? The example that comes to mind is that I usually have two instances of Cura running, one for each of two printers. I have to start Cura twice, and when they are launched they both have the same printer activated. I would like to be able to have a launcher icon for each printer so I wouldn't have to change one of them. Both printers use the same sources for stl files, but each printer has it's own destination file for gcode files so it would be good to keep all of that info too.
  5. No it does not. I have removed/re-installed Cura, made the settings visible/hidden several times, restart Cura, not to mention expand/compress the settings sub-section. it just does not show up.
  6. I have had this problem with a couple of versions, including 4.3 and now 4.4. I make the skin overlaps visible, both percentage and/or amount, and they just don't display in the settings menu on the right side. It happens on both my Windows 10 Pro machine, and my Ubuntu Linux machine. Any ideas on how to get it to display?
  7. Thanks. That's what I thought. I just wanted to make sure.
  8. I was just looking through my Marlin configuration and see that Arc Support is used to process arcs via G2 and G3 gcode commands, and Bezier Curves via G5. I have looked through several of my Cura generated gcode files and there are no G2, G3, or G5 commands in any of them. One was a cylinder so I would have expected many arcs in that one. So if Cura doesn't generate these codes I can disable them in Marlin and save a little memory. Wayne
  9. I keep getting this panel at Cura 4.3 startup on my Ubuntu 18.04 Linux machine. The problem is, I don't have any profiles named Mini or Mini_user. I used to have a profile called Mini, but it was deleted long ago, possibly even before installing 4.3 but I could be mistaken about that. I would really rather not go through the hassle of backup/restore for all my profiles, etc., because something always gets dropped, or it just goes horribly wrong. Is there an easy way to get rid of this panel at startup?
  10. Attached is a screen shot of the printer settings for CR-10S on the left, and a custom FFF for the same printer on the right. Even though there is a huge difference between some of the speeds, the maximum X and Y speeds are still below the 100mm/s max that I am trying to use. Acceleration is 500 for the CR-120S definition, which is a little slower than the 800 - 1000 I normally use, but still doesn't seem like near enough to account for a threefold increase in print time. Default XY Jerk is 10 which is what I normally use anyway.
  11. I have a model that I use to see how my printer is doing. It is a 100mm tall cylinder with a 20mm OD and 10mm ID. Today, I decided to run it on two different printers. One is a CR-10S, and the other is a Monoprice Mini with E3D V6. Slicing the model for the Mini gives me an estimated time of 1hr 29min. Slicing the same model for the CR-10S with almost the same settings gives me an estimated print time of 4hrs 36min. I know these are estimated times, but they were not that far off. I have been through the settings several times, and there is nothing that can account for a 3-fold increase in time for the CR-10S. Speeds are the same (100mm/s), and the acceleration/jerk settings are a little lower on the CR. 1000/10 on the Mini and 800/8 on the CR. Even with the speed set at 100mm/s, my uncalibrated eye says the CR isn't going anywhere near that speed. Any ideas what gives???? Maybe something about incorporating the Creawesome mod? Thanks, Edit: I just created a Custom FFF printer with the same settings as the CR-10S and reran the slice. The estimated time was 1hr 40min. It does look like something in the Creawesome mod.
  12. I use a couple of slicers (mainly Cura), and have just found that I cannot use Copy/Paste in the machine settings. I use Copy/Paste to keep all slicers gcodes common. EDIT: I just found out that ctl-c and ctl-v work using the keyboard. Would still like to mouse it though.
  13. In Layer view, where are the options about what to see like travels, helpers, etc.? EDIT: Nevermind. Found it.
  14. Marlin has a mechanism to prevent cold extrusion. It won't move the extruder unless it is at least 170C, so no grinding the filament. But since you mentioned the preheat commands, I always let Cura insert the appropriate temperature commands ahead of my start gcode so the bed and nozzle were at temperature for printing before my start gcode was processed. At some point, Marlin started letting the nozzle temp drop about 10 degrees (for PLA. ABS was more like 25) while running the G29 bed levelling. The bed temp stays very stable, but the nozzle temp dropped. So I added M109 S{material_print_temperature} ; wait for extruder temp (Note: not layer_0) right after the G29 command so the printer would wait until the nozzle temp was at the correct temp again. This works, but screws up everything. Cura no longer put the M109 command ahead of my start gcode so the nozzle was cold until after the G29 command. I guess this is a good and bad thing. Good in that the nozzle isn't just baking the filament during probing and oozing it out. Bad in that I have to remove this statement if I use another slicer which is a whole other issue (think supports 😡 ). I used a G4 S10 before I found the Cura snippet, but it has to be changed for each print temp. The higher the print temp, the more dwell is needed. Is this the intended way for Cura to work? Wayne
  15. I agree with the eyes comment. Imagine my 70+ year old yes. 🙂 As for the layout, I have been trying the 4.0b2 and I have to say I still prefer the 3.6 style interface. I like your ideas about making the menu floating and dockable. I like that idea a lot. But I also realize this is a slicer and free to boot, and my guess is that the programming staff is . . . not numerous. This is a company that makes their money selling printers, not software, so the emphasis should be on slicing to make their printers perform better, and beautification secondary. And that is my main concern right now as supports for the last couple of releases have been driving me to other slicers for certain models. Like supports for an overhang where the supports start in mid air, or some supports that start on the build plate the way they are supposed to but don't get within several layer thicknesses of the model and are just wasted plastic. And I have had numerous problems with support blocker and custom supports. Wayne
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