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  1. I'm in Zwolle at the moment and will be here until the 18th of September.
  2. After 2 years of trying and printing with my Ultimaker 2+ I still have issues with the print, I live in Indonesia (currently in the Netherlands) and I'm looking for some help. I would love to find someone who has an Ultimaker 2+ also, and who is prepared to print 1 drawing for me to compare if the issues are in my STL or G-code file or that my printer has a problem. Of course I'm willing to pay. Thank you
  3. Hi, Thanks for the advice. I have now changed the model a bit (seemed like the stars weren't connecting properly) and started printing with print speed 40, the print is halfway and it all looks alright so far. 11 hours to go to find out if the top layers are good to And yes it is very humid here, thinking of buying a filament dryer for the PLA.
  4. Hi, Thanks! I have leveled the build plate closer and did a test print with a smaller object,. that went fine. I'm using layer height 0.06 and initial layer height 0.27 mm, all line width at 0.4 Would you suggest to change? Also should I change the print speed? I left it at 50 mm/s. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I would like some expert advice. I am using ultimaker 2+ for work. I am having issues with the first layers of the print. I already re-leveled the plate. Cleaned the plate and the last one I started using glue. I have also added a brim (which is difficult because the print needs to be 200 x 200, so brim bigger than 2.0mm not enough space on the build plate). It seems that the first layer or maybe two go well, but after that something happens and it goes wrong from there on. I am using PLA (210/60®) 0.4 nozzle Left the rest of setting to default, because not sure what needs
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