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  1. Okay, thankyou for the tips. I've adjusted the model slightly. The text is now in an angle of 45 degrees. And I've adjusted the print speeds. Hopefully the results will be better now. How about the fanspeed can this influence the print layer adhesion?
  2. Hello! Can please someone help me? I'm having bad layer adhesions with Colorfabb's Shining Silver PLA on a 0,4mm nozzle and Colorfabb's Intense Green PLA on a 0,25mm nozzle. Normally everything goes perfectly fine. But with this model I'm having some real troubles. The green text isn't even sticking to the grey entirely. I'm printing with an Ultimaker 3 Extended, printing temperature is 205˚C, build plate temperature is 60˚C. Printspeed for the grey is 100 mm/s and for the green 50 mm/s. Layerheight is 0,2mm. What can I change to make it look better? Kind regards
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