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  1. Got it to work finally - PC reboot - Compatibility Windows8 and execute as administrator , optim for full screen off - back in business... but the upcoming MMU is only supported in Slic3r... euh...
  2. This behavior has only started after a certain Win10 update. I could hold it off for a couple of months, then didn't use Cura for a while, didn't pay attention and couldn't revert anymore to the driver set that didn't show the problem 😢 Came across all you're saying above (dxdiag, opengl and video card drivers, safe mode, administrator and compatibility modes...) nothing worked so far... looking for another PC 😢 Dxdiag did render the R3.3.1 usable again... the version that doesn't support Prusa i3 yet - arghh, damn...
  3. If I select a Kossel Delta printer than the kossel.stl is shown in the background. How do I add an stl to a Custom FDM Printer - had no luck searching for the trick...
  4. Hi, I wanted to avoid the travels and retracts between towers in my model. I had the idea of splitting off those towers, such that I have 3 stls: a base, a left tower that sits on top of the base and a right tower, also on top of the base. I put all of them on the build plate, select all and merge models. -Nice, the original model is still there and looks intact!- Next the point that didn't work: Select "Print sequence = One at a time". I had hoped this would print the base, next left tower and finally right tower. (base being completely done at layer L, towers start both at layer L+1) S
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