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  1. Yes I do. The rest of the installation works completly silent. I just get pop-ups about the driver installations (three pop-ups at all). And as @Brulti has written, I didn't saw it in the old version (3.0.3). In MSI installers it would be easy to control the components which needs to be installed, but in this NULLSOFT installer I don't see any. The main problem is that Adafruit is not a part of "the trusted publishers" list in Windows. Of course there are workarounds for this but IMHO in most cases the Arduino drivers are simply not needed.
  2. @SandervG: We are still using a software distribution tool to install Cura on the computers in our education department in our company. The installatoin is completly unattended. This has worked like a charm in the past. But 3.2 comes with "Arduino drivers". This Arduino drivers results in pop-up messages It would be very nice to have an option (command line switch or something) to disable the installation of this drivers to prevent this pop-up. At the moment I don't see any possibility to decide which parts should be installed without the GUI. Thanks Michael
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