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  1. Hi I have an Ultimaker 2+ and the problem is: When i tried to insert the material the feeder spins opposite way extracting it , and vise versa . Firmware installed is for ultimaker 2 +.
  2. Hello I have an UM2 + and the problem is that when i try to print something it goes all the way up and bangs in to the nozzle . I lower the build plate from the menu and i goes down and stops , no problem with lowering the build plate. But when i'm trying to calibrate the the build plate it goes up and do not stop like an inch from the nozzle, before i use to adjust (calibrate) it by hand ,but now it bangs into the nozzle !!!! I checked the switch at the bottom it is ok! I checked the connections on the board for the z axis it is connected!! What could be the problem????
  3. Thanks !!!! I have the withe feeder and yes i installed the UM2 + firmware , today i reinstalled the firmware , rebooted the printer and it worked....... very strange!
  4. Hello I have a few Ultimakers extended 2 + today i did a software update to them, after this when i tried to insert material in instead of pushing it forward it will extract it!!! Basically the process of inserting material inverted , same for model printing!!
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