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  1. I am using the BB 0.4 core for PVA and AA 0.4 core for PLA, so that should be good. I am using following settings: - Layer height = 0.06mm (since my structures need to be as small/smooth as possible) - Shell, wall thickness 1mm - Infill 20% - T = 215°C - Build plate T = 60°C - Print speed = 35mm/s And for support: - Support density = 50% - Support Infill Layer Thickness = 0.18mm - Support interface resolution = 0.06mm Let me know if I forgot some parameters Thanks!
  2. Dear Ultimaker Community, I'm having some problems printing complete structures with PVA, which I want to use as a sacrificial mold for further research, but also when I use PVA solely as support material. During printing, oozing results in bad quality prints and thus a low quality mold, but I also notice that my buildplate lies full of small parts of PVA (schrapnel) after printing (see pictures 1 and 2). I try to print a porous structure consisting out of cubes, which need to have support between them (see picture 3). The dimension of the support is often very small, around 2
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