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  1. Good Day, Thanks for replying. I am in New Brunswick Canada. The only thing that happens is the exruder fan will turn on for approx 2 or 3 seconds, then nothing happens. The Olimex board has a red LED illuminated. I attempted to flash the firmware again with instructions from the dealer and nothing happened (no LED flashed). I suspect a bad Olimex board.
  2. What temperature are you setting to print for this? PLA print temperature is typically 185 to 205 degrees Celsius. Carbon fiber is a bit higher Carbon Fiber Print Temperature typically is : 240-260 degrees Celsius
  3. Does anyone know the make and model # of the control board used in the Ultimaker 3 extended? We just got ours and it printed 1 thing, then the limit switch would not detect the print head on the X axis. Now the printer will not power on. I am in contact with the dealer, but I would like to have some info going into this problem. Thanks
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