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  1. I have the same problem with mine, I haven't found a way to fix them showing up, but you can search for the specific tool in the search bar and it will show the hidden ones too. You can edit it that way.
  2. My line widths are all 0.4mm and I'm printing on the original Creality CR10 with 0.4mm nozzle, I changed the acceleration because I thought it was too much, I decreased it in hopes it would spend longer on the corners as it's under-extruding on the corners themselves too, and just after. I tried changing it back to original speed just now and it didn't make a difference. "retract at layer change" is unticked. I'll look into calibrating the extruder Thanks
  3. So I'm trying to print parts for my BB8 build and I'm constantly running into the same problem. What seems to be under extrusion is happening only on the left side of a face. I'm assuming it is where I have an inside angle and Cura makes a join. It looks like it is slow at starting the extrusion but I can't exactly tell. The rest of the piece seems fine but it ONLY seems to be on the left side of a face OR immediately after the nozzle does an internal angle. You should be able to see in the photos. I've tried increasing flow increasing the "retraction prime amount" increa
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