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  1. Can someone tell me WHY you would want your support material to print in mid-air and not be able to change this?
  2. There isn't ONE person who can just load this and hit "slice"?
  3. I have a dual extrusion CR-10, just made a profile from scratch when 3.6 came out and haven't had issues. Not sure how I solved it. I just have printer/extruder settings (both) at 1.75, as well as the materials.
  4. Can someone take this model, load it into ANY dual-material printer profile and slice it, with the z- distance set to 0, and z overides x-y? I've had support failures for months (since 3.5.1) and I want to see if others get the same issue. Gluetest.stl Please post a picture of the support floors where they meet the model.
  5. The points are very small (kneecaps). Try making them bigger or setting the distance on the tee tips much smaller and see if it changes.
  6. Does anyone else have a copy of the CURA software? If you do, could you slice something with dual materials and the contact distance set to 0 and let me know if you see that gap or not?
  7. Note that I tried this with Z overirdes x/y and the other way around, even with "minimum support distance" set to a small or 0 value, I get the same behavior. With all distances set to 0 you get support that touches but lose the ability to keep vertical supports off your part.
  8. This is not the first time I've had this issue - I thought I've posted it before but can't find it. Can someone tell me how to get my supports to print on the object instead of floating in free air? =============== Edit: This is not the first time I brought this up. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE COMMENT? I'm over a month into this problem and I would really appreciate some guidance.
  9. Ok. Install CURA fresh. Allow it to delete old profiles. I added ONLY a generic printer, set for 2 extruders. Use, verify functionality, quit CURA (done in the "before time"). Perhaps yours doesn't do this because you've installed an UM profile in your CURA? (I didn't test that) To answer this post, I: Load CURA 3.6.0 Right click, Disable second extruder This notice, similar to but out of order from the lower notice shown in previous post appears.: Not hard to reproduce on my end! No model, no nothing. It seems to happen with Prime Tower enabled or disabled. The option always comes back on regardless of previous state when I enable the extruder.
  10. Oh! It looks like the interface material is just printing one layer too low: This support floor overlaps with the model.
  11. I'm not having any luck getting my tree supports with soluble supports slicing without a gap. I set z-contact distance to 0. Any ideas?
  12. Going back at least to 3.5.1: When you disable the second extruder, many changes are made automatically, one of them is setting the Prime Tower X and Prime Tower Y coordinates to 0. Even with the prime tower turned off, this triggers an error, and won't slice due to "per model settings". Two problems: 1) Prime Tower Position is NOT a per-model setting 2) There's no reason not to slice due to poor positioning of something you're not using. I suggest removing the tower position as a "per model settings check". I suggest tweaking the check to something like " && !(prime_Tower_Is_Enabled?) Or if I'm doing something wrong, let me know. Currently I just set standby temp to 0 (preventing extrusions but not travels), or add another printer with one nozzle and try to keep them concurrent.
  13. Well underway. So far so good. If you set acceleration values in a print profile, will it effect the predicted print time, even if you don't "enable" acceleration control?
  14. Really, I'd be utterly happy making a profile from scratch. I'd heard there's some new stuff under the hood for defining printers so I thought it would be a good time to do this. Little of the original printer remains, at a certain point, I just want a Cartesian, dual extruder printer I can set the bed size on. It would be nice to base it on the CR-10s, but since the extruders, gantry and firmware are mostly homebrew, much of the stock numbers inapplicable now. I feel like there's a "known method" or manual out there I don't know about. If so, could you point me there? 🙂
  15. Somewhat related: I too have weird settings, and frankly, I'm not 100% attached to them except it took half an afternoon of tweaking files and experimenting. That makes me think maybe I did something wrong. I don't want to clutter this thread, but any help in creating a Future-Proof printer definition would really help!
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