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  1. 1) Thanks thanks thanks for adding this!!!! It's super useful!!! 2) It's all too easy to set this to a terrible number. I propose it it forced to an integer multiple of the spacing. Perhaps just a spacing factor (1/4,1/3,1/2,1,2,3,4) 2.6 Support Distance / 1.2 Initial Layer 2.6 Supp/ 1.3 Initial Layer Notice how the integer number doesn't leave support basically touching 1 mm^2 over the whole layer. 3) Changing this setting does not invalidate the slicing - you can't hit "slice" without first triggering it by making another qualifying change (such as turning on-then-off-again "use towers"). VERY excited about all the changes in 3.5.
  2. You were ok before? You might just need some more priming, but perhaps it's been (inadvertently) removed? I was pointing out that mine started with a temperature NOT defined under EXT0 at all, in the hopes this helps developers track it down. Mine was most definitely printing with the EXT1 standby temp on the BRIM printed with EXT1.
  3. AbeFM

    Create a Printer Def

    OMG thanks for that!!!!!! This is something I've been fighting for a long, long time, and more or less given up on. I'll try it out. Even the firmware can't seem to keep "is the second extruder #1 or #2" straight, but I think I can manage.
  4. AbeFM

    Explicitly Set Extrusion Mode

    Agreed. But setting something you count on AFTER the start code instead of before it seems like it would make more sense, hence the suggestion. I'm just pointing it out, I've already fixed my issue.
  5. AbeFM

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.5)

    Haven't touched this in a while. Let me know if there's something to try. I try to stick with mm (metric) since the slicers like it, but either is ok. I typically use Deviation: 0.01 (minimum 0.00592755 mm) Angle: 1.0 (minimum 0.50000 deg) I've noticed saving in AMF can cause weird issues - I get warnings about material type in SW 2016 sp3 -Abe.
  6. AbeFM

    Soluble Supports: Tower Layer Bonding

    Your printer has the fancy moving nozzles, right? I don't know when UM started doing that (UM3?) The issue I have is the PVA "strings" end up being "PVA-row-of-holes-in-your-part" once you wash it. Awesome print, BTW
  7. AbeFM

    Avoiding printed parts - dual color

    The real issue is the printer needs to be aware of the second nozzle in a meaningful sense. Even so it's hard to eliminate. It's just a challenge with dual nozzle prints.
  8. CURA sets absolute extrusion mode as the last thing it does before user start code Generated By CURA ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:7407 ;Filament used: 3.18035m, 1.66696m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.5.0 T0 M140 S40 M105 M190 S40 M104 S210 M104 T1 S175 M105 M109 S210 M105 M109 T1 S175 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode MY start code (comments welcome, but it's not the point) M83 ; extruder relative mode M104 S[first_layer_temperature_0] T0; set 1st nozzle heater to first layer temperature M104 S[first_layer_temperature_1] T1; set 2nd nozzle heater to first layer temperature M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; set bed temp M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; wait for bed temp M109 S[first_layer_temperature_0] T0; set 1st nozzle heater to first layer temperature M109 S[first_layer_temperature_1] T1; set 2nd nozzle heater to first layer temperature G28 W ; home all without mesh bed level G80 ; mesh bed leveling G1 X30 Y5 Z1; ABE move to sort and prime T0; Settings and Prime for T0 G1 Z0.1 F1000.0 ; Approach Bed for Intro Line, was Y-3 ABE 0->0.1 G92 E0.0 G1 X90.0 E9.0 F1000.0 ; intro line G1 X130.0 E12.5 F1000.0 ; intro line G92 E0.0 T1; Settings and Prime for T1 G92 E0.0 G1 X190.0 E9.0 F1000.0 ; intro line G1 X230.0 E12.5 F1000.0 ; intro line G1 E-2.6; G92 X245 Y15 E0.0 F10800.000; retract fast G Y1 Z0 ; Return nozzle to bed, over tape ABE But now it depends how I set up CURA: In the case of setting the Relative Extrusion Mode checkbox: M83 ;relative extrusion mode G1 F2400 E-3.5 ;LAYER_COUNT:246 ;LAYER:0 M107 M204 S3000 M205 X20 Y20 G0 F1800 X144.886 Y124.237 Z0.25 ..... But if I DON'T set it: G92 E0 G1 F2400 E-3.5 ;LAYER_COUNT:246 ;LAYER:0 M107 M204 S3000 M205 X20 Y20 ....... In this case, the printer is left in relative extrusion mode - meaning you're requesting more and more filament with each extruded line. I recommend that the extrusion be explicitly set (M82/M83) as desired after the user's Startup Code. This could make it harder for the user to set it, but I feel it's net beneficial.
  9. AbeFM

    Create a Printer Def

    I've got a Creality CR-10S to which I did a little soldering and added another extruder, using e3d's Chimera+ (two hot ends with a fixed separation). I couldn't take the CR-10's definition and add a head, I forget what I started with... But every time it gives me trouble, I wonder if the definition is the source of my problems. Can anyone suggest the most reasonable way to create a definition? With the new version of CURA, my #2 extruder seems to be running at 10x speed and I'm not sure where to start.
  10. Is there a chance it's using the "standby temperature"? I was going to make my own topic, my first layers are printing at the standby temp - trashing the filament which won't extrude. (for me, specifically it is printing with the 2nd extruder at the 2nd extruder's standby temp)
  11. I noticed this too. Not the end of the world, but an annoying regression.
  12. AbeFM

    Avoiding printed parts - dual color

    Is that a brim inside your prime tower, or is it somehow doing 1 material on the inside and the other on the outside of the tower?
  13. AbeFM

    Raft texture on model?

    0 Top Layers I think will.... I'd add a cube that tweaks infill settings (block supports), have it just shy of the top, with more sane infill settings so as not to waste material. Then no top layers and a high "infill". Or actually, use "gradual" infill, >4 steps, small distance so the last 4 mm goes from 10->20->40->80% infill.
  14. AbeFM

    Floating support

    They are weird... Tied to the object. They'll disappear if you don't use them right, and if you delete the object that "birthed" them, they die too. BUT, you can set them to block, or be, support, and even just print as a cube.
  15. AbeFM

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.5)

    Yes! Just leaving them sticky from SolidWorks' own settings would entirely be a functional solution! It's what had been working, and I'm not clear how/when it changed. XYZ: Uh huh, two sides of the same coin. Sometimes I find my custom settings in SW not what I remember leaving them. IDEALLY, I could set it within CURA/your plug in, those two numbers... But being able to select "custom" would be great. I'm not sure how far back this changed, in the pursuit of more exact prints I'd been caught up in a couple of other slicers for a while.

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