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  1. It still seems like, if you created said printer (or just update your "normal" one), then select it from the list after loading.
  2. Huh, that last bit is a good suggestion, I think it would work. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to make a simple test print with two flat squares, separated by ~nozzle distance to check if either is scraping the other. Testing the righthand nozzle for scraping while the left is printing means I need to print two objects, and I'd like the lefthand one to print last. Right now I don't see how to do this. Is it easy/possible?
  4. You could create a hybrid, by importing the one with the file, then taking what you want from yours and pasting it in, creating a 'printer' you like....
  5. I had the same question - how to I figure out which setting are "changed" so I know what will copy?
  6. Oh, it could be that the profile was developed on a machine with one extruder disabled..... Still digging....
  7. Howdy! I reinstalled CURA to have a clean build, created two dual extruder FFF printers, and as far as CURA's concerned their only differences are the first printer ("CM2") has one 0.6 mm nozzle and one 0.4 mm, the other ("D3H") has both 0.4 nozzles. EDIT: It looks like it's not the printer, but the profile. I don't see anything in the definitions that should make them behave different - perhaps it's some other setting I have I don't know about, and perhaps it isn't... If somoene knows, I'd really appreciate being able to use my small nozzle for detail work.
  8. I've found I've had to bump the acceleration way down on a printer that never had those issues before.... I keep putting it down, and it keeps coming back. All my skipping has been in Y-axis, and generally turning the speed down helps I'm just digging into it and don't have enough for a coherent post - also I've only been noticing this for a couple months.... I'm more just lurking but if others are seeing it I, too, encourage you to post.
  9. Small point - do you want to use "print temp" or first layer temp?
  10. I've been printing some objects which need a lot of fan to turn off, and I find the layer fan turning off on each hop. Is there some way to prevent this? Given how long the fan takes to restart, this effectively leaves my fan at 30%.
  11. Er, I've got dual extruder printer and the nozzle that is warming up is getting over cooled by the layer fan during the heating stage. Is there something I can do to turn off the fan while the nozzle pre-heats but then set it back to whatever it used to be after we hit the target temperature?
  12. It's WEIRD the temperatures did that, since it followed the model so closely... But it DID work. Thanks for helping with that issue!!
  13. This is with a 0.6 mm Nozzle 1.0 mm line width I'm missing fill between this inner cylinder and the outer funnel. 0.6 mm line width 0.4mm line width My parts end up just hanging off the infill, but I would like to have the gap filled or a floor as is there when I set line width small enough. I miss that layer on both the top and the bottom. I have changed tops, bottoms, walls, etc and the gap persists .RollerMissingLayer.3mf See attached profile.
  14. I deleted it in software the first time. I have a bigger issue - I have multiple projects and multiple printers, so I run multiple copies of CURA concurrently. I suspect I removed the profiles in one copy, closed it, then closed another copy and that's how things got messed up. Under definition_changes and machine_instances I deleted the removed printers, and ... It worked!!! THANKS!
  15. Heh, I was just waiting for the printer to run that test while I checked the forums for replies. Thanks for the advice, I think it's reasonable. It generally seems ok, but I guess it could be temperamental. I'm used to pushing 10-15 mm/s on the Prusa, but that's got E3D bits on it. These are direct drive and don't appear to be slipping, and I don't see missing lines nearly everywhere. --------------------------- I raised the temps a few degrees, and a few more, and the start temps, and it eventually cleaned up. I was at low temps to prevent stringing, though more retraction seems to have helped. It seems to be working so I'm banging out a few test pieces. It seemed pretty weird because a whole part would print with only a couple weak lines, and always in the same spot. What's up with that? I was printing at 194 Print, 190 Start - now I'm at 200/200.
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