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  1. It's WEIRD the temperatures did that, since it followed the model so closely... But it DID work. Thanks for helping with that issue!!
  2. This is with a 0.6 mm Nozzle 1.0 mm line width I'm missing fill between this inner cylinder and the outer funnel. 0.6 mm line width 0.4mm line width My parts end up just hanging off the infill, but I would like to have the gap filled or a floor as is there when I set line width small enough. I miss that layer on both the top and the bottom. I have changed tops, bottoms, walls, etc and the gap persists .RollerMissingLayer.3mf See attached profile.
  3. I deleted it in software the first time. I have a bigger issue - I have multiple projects and multiple printers, so I run multiple copies of CURA concurrently. I suspect I removed the profiles in one copy, closed it, then closed another copy and that's how things got messed up. Under definition_changes and machine_instances I deleted the removed printers, and ... It worked!!! THANKS!
  4. Heh, I was just waiting for the printer to run that test while I checked the forums for replies. Thanks for the advice, I think it's reasonable. It generally seems ok, but I guess it could be temperamental. I'm used to pushing 10-15 mm/s on the Prusa, but that's got E3D bits on it. These are direct drive and don't appear to be slipping, and I don't see missing lines nearly everywhere. --------------------------- I raised the temps a few degrees, and a few more, and the start temps, and it eventually cleaned up. I was at low temps to prevent stringing, though more retraction seems to have helped. It seems to be working so I'm banging out a few test pieces. It seemed pretty weird because a whole part would print with only a couple weak lines, and always in the same spot. What's up with that? I was printing at 194 Print, 190 Start - now I'm at 200/200.
  5. I've seen this in the past, you DO NOT want to click "reset". It pops up every time I open CURA. Can I make this error go away? I don't care if I get my CR-10S profiles back or not, but I don't want to click "reset" and lose all my work from ever. Thanks!
  6. I, too, have been getting blobbing and rough looking parts on my more mechanical prints. Not all of them, but the bigger stuff.
  7. Howdy! I've got a direct drive IDEX printer giving me some random missing lines. In general it behaves well, I do not think I'm printing too fast.... But I'm getting skipped lined. It looked random, so I printed a second from the same g-code at got the same exact errors. Reprint, same g-code: I see the same single missing line, the same double missing line in the part. Around the back I see the same thing - something is giving me consistent weak extrusion. Finally, same settings but dropped the part in the bed to shave a couple hours of print time: Similar but not identical. In desperation, I made some towers hoping to have a cheaper/faster test: Here I'm not seeing any skipping at all, they print fine. I have two lingering doubts: 1) Supports look weird, under-extruded perhaps? This happens to 1 or 2 per layer, but not across all supports. I suspect under-priming? But they don't look like holes, it looks like bad layer adhesion or terrible k-factor. Note: K-factor/Linear Advance is disabled in firmware. 2) Perhaps my small squares don't allow peak extrusion rates and I need more material per layer. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good test print?? Similarly, any advice on how to fix my lines would be appreciated. Infill and inner walls are printing at 100 mm/s - that's 0.4 mm line width X 0.2 mm layer height X 100 mm/s print speed = 9.6 mm3/s. There's a possibility my anti-stringing temperatures of 194C are a problem, but I feel these are reasonable numbers. More pics in full resolution at https://photos.app.goo.gl/rpEzfANQTtnrXHR89 Attached, find my project. Retest MirTop- retraction restart-CURA.zip Thanks in advance everyone!!!
  8. In case someone needs a model to play with... See attached file for object/settings. You can probably steal my Flintstones song from my printer's end g-code. Or play with XY and Minimum XY and see if you can figure out why I lose the bottom supports. SupportIssue.3mf Explaining the issue more clearly:
  9. Another strange support issue: It looks like Roof and Floor Horizontal Expansion don't show up. If you search, they appear, but do not display in with the other settings. Also, I can't set the values to a positive number, which seems like that would fix many of my issues with interfaces not contacting the object. Is there some way to use that?
  10. - Stair step height. This version fixes support stair step height, which influences the adhesion between the model and support printed on top (supports everywhere). For now, this bug has had no influence on PVA supported prints. !!! Can you add any more detail on this, and is it related? It sounds like no from "no influence on PVA supported prints", but ~18 months in I'm willing to do a little homework to get prints to work.
  11. Feedback: Supports DO NOT RESPECT the "Minimum Support X/Y Distance" user input with respect to the floors. Is there some way to get the supports to meet the body? I would like to have supports printed on the object attach to the object. Here I have sliced with X/Y Distance and Minimum X/Y Distance both set to 2.0 mm Here I set Minimum to 0.2 mm. The top behaves correctly, making a good bond, but the bottom is unattached to the model, leaving ~30 extrusions of PVA randomly deposited all over my model and ruining the print as well as preventing the support from sticking. I would like to see Support Interfaces X/Y Distance, or the current inputs used on the bottom of prints. If there is a better place to post this, please share! I would DESPERATELY love to use CURA for my multi-material printing. More info to keep this thread from getting too polluted, but I *WOULD* like this issue considered so I'm leaving it here.
  12. It just seems to use the greater of the two numbers. Which makes sense. Basically, I feel the support is using the greater of ("minimum x/y distance", "x/y distance") at all times. Instead, it should use X/Y except in Support Floors and Support Ceilings.
  13. That horizontally expands. It's not really the same thing. You can see massively expanded support, with the same gap. Basically, you can expand support until it forms a complete structure around your object.... But that's not really printing... ON anything, and it won't work if you have complex geometries. There's a SETTING for Z-distance, you would assume someone thought there was utility in being able to choose the distance between support and object, and setting it to 0 for PVA. If you would, could you do it again with settings like mine? If it DOES work on Mac and not on PC... Well, that seems like the sort of thing that could improve the odds of it getting fixed.
  14. Awesome! Thanks! I'd mentioned this on here before and it didn't seem to get any interest from the devs. Perhaps seeing it in action will sell them on it!! I'm convinced, anyway.
  15. Can you point me to the file/GUI-element where I find those settings? To a novice the printer defs are hard to find. That sounds like just what I want!
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