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  1. TK_HPU

    Not connected to a printer via USB cable

    Is there any suggestion?
  2. I connect my printer(not ultimaker) via USB cable with cura 3.4. Sometimes it can connect successfully, but sometimes it cannot connect to the machine. I have do many test, but cannot find some regular to connect correctly. What can I do? Is there any help to make the connection 100% successfully. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I have tried 3 ways: (1) Not modify anything of the fdmprinter.def.json, just add the command '-s support_extruder_nr="1" ' It is not help. (2) Just modify the dmprinter.def.json, as this: It is not help. Just like this: (3) If I modify the default value of "support_infill_extruder_nr", like this: It worked! But, there is an additional cylinder!As this: Here is my json file. Thanks!!! json_file.zip
  4. I execute CuraEngine.exe by command line. The version is 3.3, I use ultimaker3.def.json and ultimaker3_extruder_left.def.json and ultimaker3_extruder_right.def.json. Now it is only one extruder, even though it have generate support. How to modify the .json file, so that it can use both extruder1 and extruder2. I mean, I want extruder1 be used for the model, the extruder2 be used for support. Is there any demo? Thanks!
  5. TK_HPU

    Add printer lead to breakdown. Why?

    Here is the log. cura.log
  6. Cura3.3, I run the project and the application start up. When I add a printer, if I chose "Custom FDM printer", it will break down immediately. But, if I chose "Ultimaker ***", it will start up with no crash. It may be connected to the resources/quality/. What is the reason? Thanks!
  7. TK_HPU

    How Pycharm debug qml file?

    It works, Thanks a lot!
  8. I use Pycharm develop the cura project, I want debug the qml file. I write console.log(), but there is no output. Where can I find the output? Is there need any settings on the Pycharm? Thanks!
  9. Cura3.3, I clicked the button "Support Blocker", and then, clicked the model face to eraser the support, the model just disappeared from the build plate. What happened? I did nothing to the code. Just as the gif picture show. Thanks so much!
  10. Really it worked!!!! The PyQt is v5.7, I update to 5.8, the cura mainwindow can show up. I appreciate your help.
  11. However, it still crashed, it crashed during the dialog "Connect to Networked Printer" is showing. just as the screenshot: Also, there is no error in the log file. Any suggestion? Thanks! cura.log
  12. Thank you so much. My project is in the VMware workstation windows10. I doubt the virtual environment called this problem, and I have abandon the virtual environment. Using a new PC, the project work well, there is no crash any more. Thanks a lot.
  13. And there is no stderr.log or stdout.log under the AppData\Local\cura path.
  14. The log is all right, just as the attachment. When it run at the dialog "User Agreement", and then, it disappeared, not “exit” to the desktop. Not any more dialog or notes/tips. I debug here when it crashed, just as the following screenshot. cura.log
  15. There's no error now, but still crashed. Is there any suggestion? Thanks a lot

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