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  1. K. I'll likely do the multiple machine profiles approach - settings in there aren't often changed, short of a wholesale revision of the start/end codes. After all you say manually editing config files is not recommended. Still think it's valid to have filament specific codes, but fine working through an adaptation in process from one slicer to another. Thanks. -owl
  2. Resurrecting for a bit - I'm in a similar situation, but I actually use two gcodes per filament - Linear Advance (M900) and Steps/mm (M92). Both of these can vary per filament - material type, viscosity, that kind of thing. I suppose I can reverse engineer the above plugin and add an additional setting for Steps/mm - any chance there's been discussion of adding a generic 'Start Gcode' field to the Material Preference tab? I'm accustomed to doing this in Slic3r and Simplify and prefer supported solutions when possible.
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