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  1. I develop accessories that work with 2-way radios. Right now I'm planning on printing using Tough PLA as the results I am seeing now look pretty good. In fact, I printed some samples for a pull test we performed and the results match what you state in the spec sheet. The material is pretty impressive! Removing the supports by hand makes sense where it can be done. I will plan on doing that and then using warm water to remove the rest. I am currently printing the USS Enterprise-D with supports. I do have a question about what I am seeing during the suppo
  2. @Makena, @SandervG I'm an Engineer and I plan on using it for printing our design concepts for my team. The main purpose for the dual extrusion is for use with the PVA for better support in the build. The single extruder printer we had printed OK, when it worked, with supports but it tended to require a fair amount of cleaning up. With the PVA, I'm expecting a much easier time for removing the supports since it is water soluble. Has anyone tried dissolving the PVA in a different solution to quicken the removal process? I also plan on using the dual extruders for multi-colored p
  3. Oh that large 14" x 11" heavy card that I some how missed during my excitement of setting this up? Thank you.
  4. Hi all! New to this forum and Ultimaker. Our first printer was the Monoprice UItimate (Wanhao Duplicator 6) and now we just received the S5 and I am already impressed with the first print! Set up was very easy and I cannot wait to print more, especially now that I have dual extruders. One question I do have is the aluminum plate. I know this is coming later in the year, but I'm curious as to how I Ultimaker will send it to me as I don't see a place to register the printer.
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