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  1. Hi.


    I have been facing this issues since some time now. The PVA Support material does not print well. I Store the PVA in sealed bag when not in use, also, i have just opened this filament maybe a week back. When i use the same spool on my UMS5, it supports really well. I really need some help in sorting this out.


    The support seems to underextrude at some layers, but then it fixes itself on other layers.


    Would really appreciate some help from the community.





  2. Okaayyy!!.. So i made a test print with my Ultimaker S3's 0.25 nozzle on Ultimaker S5, and the print is just amazing. i have to say, i have never expected it to be so neat. the layer lines are invisible.. its a lovely print.  it was 4 walls of 0.5mm in my CAD file, and print came out to be 0.51mm, thats really impressive. 


    Here is an image:



    Ignore the base, thats because i pushed my scraper way to hard in excitement ?


    But, the alignment issue of the calibration print still haunts me. Have to do something for that.


  3. one thing. after getting extrusion right from the 0.4mm nozzle, i pulled out the 0.25mm nozzle from my Ultimaker 3. and put it into UMS5, and then did a calibration print. This time, i get the extrusion right. So i think, the problem, is the nozzle. I think i should order another nozzle from my reseller after giving it a test print to confirm.


    BUT, the tilt in alignment still persists. one thing i noticed, is that the tilt in alignment with 0.4mm is way lesser than the tilt with 0.25mm(Both old and new nozzle) .


    I really need @gr5's help here.



  4. Hi


    I dont think the silicon pads have anything to do with the print quality. I have read your reply nearly 10 times by now, but fail to understand that even if Ultimaker have launched a new nozzle design, how come the UM3 0.25mm nozzles fit so well on the UMS5.



    If you see in this image, UM says they support the 0.25mm nozzle. So its nothing to do with not supporting it.


    However, i take your word pal. Giving 0.4mm Nozzle a shot..


    Will let you know how it goes






  5. Thanks for taging them for me..


    Well the thing is, it took nearly 8 days for my printer to arrive her via DHL due to customs issues. I have prints to deliver and cannot afford to waste so much time in sending the printer, getting fixed and getting it back.


    I will however try using my 0.4mm nozzle for giving a test print and look out for underextrusion. If problem is solved, i will order another 0.25mm nozzle considering i got a faulty one.


    If problem persists, i will take is as a bad luck ?


    i think the nozzle might fix the underextrusion, but im really confused about the alignment.. Expecting some helpful fixing suggestions from @gr5 and @SandervG

  6. Hi all

    I think this thread is never going to end.


    After i had tried everything to fix this problem, one solution seemed to make the situation better, and that is, to print TPLA at 225C.


    But then, i noticed something with the next print. that is, that areas where the support material is, the straight walls along z axis, arent straight. there are some layers left and right, and not exaclty on top of each other. PS, this is only if the wall is has support beside it.


    So then, i tried doing the XY Calibration again. The calibration print, bought a facepalm. I am shocked. I am using a genuine Ultimaker, Ultimaker branded nozzle, ultimaker materials, ultimaker slicer(Cura),but still, things doesnt seem right.








    In the first image, as you can see, when i align the grid for X correctly, the Y goes tilted(Red arrows).

    Also, the numbers and the long PVA lines are not aligned properly(Yellow arrow)


    In the second image, Notice the nice and good black lines(purple cirlce), and those underextruded dots(Blue circle).


    Am i missing something guys?? i am highly frustrated with this now. i have lost lots of filament and time for this. I have done literally everything i could.


    I did the following:


    manual Bed levelling.

    Cleaning 2 weeks old print core

    Changed to UM filament

    cleaning Bowden Tube

    Factory reset

    Firmware Update

    Changes USBs(sounds silly, but i tried everything i could)

    Print through Network

    Doing the entire maintainance procedure

    Loosening the feeder

    cleaning the feeder


    The only step i feel i am missing, i think, is to return this printer. I regret buying this. Should have gone for Sinterit SLS printer or maybe Formlabs..


  7. okay.. so i did everything i could, but i am still unable to crack this. My Ultimaker S5 hasnt still been capable of beating my Ultimaker 3 with quality. 

    What i noticed when i watched closely, is that after some really nice looking layers, the extruder starts extruding dots of filaments instead of proper lines. and that just ruins it by making the surface coarse and cracky. i had kept a 21hr print and noticed this happen many times in between. Here is an image of it:



    As you can see from the image, there is a band where there is less filament extruded. 


    It would be great if someone can provide me exact settings for Tough PLA for a 0.25mm extruder.


    Am i missing out anything?

  8. 1 hour ago, kmanstudios said:

    Just on the off chance, it may also need to be cleaned of the Inofill (Grinding/slipping) as well as a slight tightening of the tension on the feeder. If the filament is not being properly fed, it may be grinding a bit and not really showing movement.


    This could account for the underextrusion at parts as it catches up and the sensor errors where it is slipping on the filament.


    If the inofill ground a bit on the feeder, it may need to be cleaned out to make sure the knurls are able to really grip the plastic.


    I am leaning this way because the inofill started to give you issues that may have clogged those knurls and you are still seeing the effects of it on the TPLA.


    I would look at the inside of the feeder first to clean it out and make sure Knurls are ok. And then if not fully operable, maybe tighten the feeder a tad bit.

    Thanks a lot.. i opened the feeder, and there was debris of my innofil material. also, when i unloaded my TPLA, it clearly showed signs of a very tight feeder, so loosened it a bit..


    So now, i am hoping a perfect print.


    Thanks all for your help. I appreciate it.

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  9. Okay. So i performed one more print yesterday. And i could see those underextrusion layers more than once. 


    Answering GR5's question. No its not the same hieght everytime. 

    Also, twice during the print, it showed an error, saying my spool is over, however it was a brand new one. I have also confirmed that the filament is not tangled or stuck anywhere, it goes straight in to the printer. Just after i press OK, and resume print, the print continues. But then i see unextruded layers after that. 

    The 2 pillars as in image, are also under extruded, and have become see through. But just before reaching those tiny things, there was no error saying that the filament is over.


    Here is an image: 


    i think there is some issue with my feeder system. This specific thing does not happen with 2nd material. It only happens with 1st material.


    Please Help!


  10. 1 minute ago, SandervG said:

    So would I understand it correctly that you say on the areas where there is not enough Tough PLA, those layers were filled with PVA instead? So there was PVA where there should have been T PLA?

    No sir, sorry to confuse you. I meant that there was less T PLA. and PVA was actually supporting that structure. There was PLA where it should have been, and T PLA where it should have, but less.


    3 minutes ago, SandervG said:

    I'm not asking specifically if you use Cura, but do you use the default fine-profile in Cura? Or have you changed settings in the custom settings tab?

    Yes, i am using Cura Fine Settings.



  11. Hi

    Is this also printed with .25 print core?

    Yes, its printed with 0.25mm Print core

    Does it look like under extrusion, or does it look like the layer is misaligned?

    it actually looks as if there isnt much material flowing through on those specific layers. The solid becomes see through only on those specific 2-3 layers.

    The arrow more or less points at the area where PVA stops. Is it usually around the same level?

    it happens randomly, its not specific to the level. Sometimes it doesnt even happen. but whenever it does happen, it makes the part very weak.

    Is there PVA in that layer?

    yes there was PVA on that layer. I had gently pulled it of, as it wasnt very strongly stuck like the PVA on the base.

    Do you use a prime tower or anything like that?

    No, i have disabled Prime Tower

    Do you use default Cura profile for .25 print core and Tough PLA?

    Yes, i use Cura, and print core set to AA 0.25, and material set to Tough PLA.

    I appreciate you help, feel free to ask any more question if you have.

  12. Hello SandervG

    I changed my Innofil material to Ultimaker Black Tough PLA Material, and that largely fixed it. 
    I think the material was the problem. But what surprises me, is that is was a fresh Spool, and also, Innofil makes some really good quality filament.


    After switching to Tough PLA, the print quality and durability has become waay better. But what happens now is, that at one particular layer, or maybe 2 layers, i see under extrusion. Thats only for that specific one or two layers, and not the entire print. 

    This happend so much with my Innofil PLA, that it would form bands of layers underextruding(as seen in the image above)

    This has reduced to a large extent with tough PLA, but it still persists.

    I print at 0.1mm layer hieght, 220C temperature,100% fan speed, 60C bed with Dimafix spray, and speed is 30mm/s.


    Thanks for your help!

  13. Hi


    1)So i got a brand new Ultimaker S5. But i have been noticing something unusual. S5 has a feature to pause the print if the spool is over. i had kept a print last night which had 1 hour 15 mins remaining.

    I woke up in the morning, expecting a neat and finished print on the build plate. But guess what, it said my filament spool was empty, however i had a full PLA filament spool. I selected continue printing, and it said 1hr 8 mins remains.

    This is the third time this happend in a week. 

    PS i turn off the lights of the room where my UMS5 is. whenever i dont turn lights off, it prints well. pretty strange.


    2) so after the print starts, and few layers are printed, i selected TUNE. and decreased fan speed from 100% to 52%. left it for an hour, the print seemed to change its look after some more layers. i checked again, the fan was on 100% automatically. I again changed it to 52%, and after 10 mins or so, it was back to 100%. I think it brings it back to 100% after every time it switches the print cores.


    Expecting some help from the community members.

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