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  1. Hey PPL, i am still happy that i could start Cura again, after upgrading to 3.4.1. from 3.3.1. , but i still expire near by same bug like i had before with other Versions. When i still check my Printer Config, it says my Printer is offline and not active. Cura Makes Marlin/Skynet restart all the time and does not boot it again. After i turned the Printer off and on again it still boots one times for a minute and starts reboot the Printer Board over and over. I could not go to the Main Printer Menue again, like it did before for a moment. On the first Picture is a stra
  2. I still expiring the same Problem. The previews Version did start but did not found my Printer and 3.3.1. does not start even. Tried to start it as a Admin and other stuff, no way to open it on windows 10 x64. Feel mad i am bound to Repetier Host since many month, because i expire bugs any time in a new Version. Feeling a bit mad about, because i was realy interested to test the Ironing function with a Flat Head Sapphire Prototype Noozle...
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