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  1. Thank u so much for your tips. I hope then they help me figure out to solve the problem
  2. Hey, yes everything looked totally fine and everything, but the outter wall was looking perfect.
  3. Hey, so it happend twice while I was using the prime tower and once without using the tower. And the part I printed was perfectly shown in Cura, and all outer walls were supposed to be printed
  4. Hello, i am currently printing on my Ultimaker 3 extended with dual extrusion. So both of my print cortes are AA 0,4mm and both of them are printing PLA, just in different colors. So my Problem is, that the outter walls aren`t printing after a couple of layers, so, as you can see in the picture, the first ~ 120 layers are totally fine, but from this moment on, there no outter wall anymore. Thats not the first time this happend, but this is the farest I got. Is there anyone who could tell me what I did wrong or how to solve this problem?
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